Finally saw Lilo and Stitch...


Aug 19, 1999
My 3 yo LOVED it! I have a question though, why did they make all the characters so, how shall I put it, round/big???? Usually Disney characters are so thin and the people were all so not thin??? Anyone?
Don't know why they were round/big, but I'm glad y'all got to see it!! :) We loved it and went to see it twice! :teeth:
Don't know why they weren't thin either but I won't complain. Glad you got to finally go see it! I am still waiting to see it the for the second time with my DH. I am glad I decided to see it without him or I'd still be waiting to see this one :)
Glad you got to see it. I loved it....:D

Next week we are going to O'hanas for dinner as all of the sudden DD thinks it would be a great place to go...:D
I loved the movie too.

Sherry - love your new (??) sig pic. (is it new? I usually leave sig pics turned off)
because they are like real people with real body shapes, not like anorexic people. go them! :cool:


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