Finally everything is all set!!

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    Sep 16, 2012
    OK I say finally but it only took about a week to do lol oh well here it is.....

    Where: Pop
    When: November 5th- 9th
    Why:well we love WDW and 5 more months was to long to wait so we planned a mini trip.
    Who:Me, DH and DD (3)

    We wanted to go the cheapest way possible since this was just going to be a little trip so we are going to do pop which is a big change from march when we were in AKL. After thinking it over we decided it really did not matter because we were only in the hotel long enough to sleep and that's it.

    all of our ADR's are done and i am happy that we get to hit some of my favorites. The first day we are going to Hollywood studios which is my favorite park unfortunately we don't have an ADR for that one because the only one available was the brown derby and we just don't have enough credits for that. Second day we are doing Magic Kingdom DD favorite park, we will be going to Tony's town square and Liberty tree. I don't know why but liberty tree is my favorite places to eat. Third day is Epcot and we are going to coral reef and nine dragons. The last day and a very sad day that will be is Animal kingdom and that is just rainforest cafe for breakfast and lunch. When we are done in Animal kingdom for the day we will be going to DTD for a little while ad having dinner at the house of blues. After dinner we have to start the three hour drive back home and back to work. Its a small trip but it will hold us over until our week long trip in march lol i already have the dining plans done for that one just waiting on the hotel for a little while.

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