Paul Stupin

New DVC Member
May 8, 2016
Which is not a good thing imo. I won't hold it against them but everyone who has told me they were a guide has not been informative and tells half truths typically trying to push you to pay more.

The number one thing on this forum is to come here for questions not your guide so them being an ex guide doesn't make them that much more knowledgeable.

Like I said though I measure each person seperately but for me the important part is cost of contract and title company. When I was looking at various times I went to the 6-13 different sites I have bookmarked and just looking for what I wanted.
I’ve never had any dvcresalemarket realtor push me to pay more. I’m sure it happens, but the sales people I’ve dealt with, and I’ve bought a lot of contracts, on the same sites we’ve all bought from, have all been pretty low key. I think they know that if they don’t sell it to me, they’ll sell it to someone else who calls tomorrow. And everyone who tells me they were a guide has been professional, friendly and informative. Unlike other time shares, I don’t think DVC resales is a sleazy business.

Of course I’ve read stories on these boards too, but I really don’t think those kind of tactics are common. And when I’ve had to cancel a purchase, usually because something better popped up in the ten day window, the realtor has always been helpful and still friendly, because down the line they know they might sell me something else.