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Earning My Ears
May 1, 2001
I am not sure if this is the right place to ask these questions, but here goes.
I am in the very early stages of planning a possible trip to WDW from about 07/10 to 07/19.
How crowded is it during this time?
How hot is during this time?
And I have a 7 year old, so I was wondering about how much walking is involved?

I have been to Florida in the summer and it is HOT and HUMID. This is not to say it is not doable as long as you are prepared. I would get to the parks at opening time and leave around 11 and not go back until 4 and that would be the earliest. Take your frozen waters, duck into air conditioned amusements from time to time, wear sunscreen and hats(light colored). Your 7 yo would have a good time with the mist sprayer!

You will do lots and lots of walking in the parks. I wouldn't worry too much about your 7 yo. If he wears out, rent a stroller. It is possible that keeping up with your child will be the challenge!! You will have a great time!! Have fun planning!! MJ
It'll be crowded and hot. The plus side is that everything should be open pretty late, so you can still do some touring after the sun sets.

I am a fellow Okie and in comparison I can give you a close comparison. Texas in August hot & humid! But, there are many places that you can go where it is airconditioned. In Magic Kingdom there is as many shows that are very enjoyable and airconditioned even in the waiting que lines. Also, don't forget your rain panchos before you leave home! It will undoubtedly rain many times during your trip. The showers don't last long, and they help cool things down, but then it makes it more humid. I would reccomend a hat of some sort and some misti mates.
As far as the crowds go, it will be busy, but it is doable. The walking was the biggest surprise for me on my first trip. I had no idea of how absolutely huge WDW is. Here is a link to a review on WDW and it's size. You may find it helpful. Gerri


Here is another link w/ info Just click and find some that interest you, and click on them. It is a site called Epionons. There is alot of info here and you do not have to be a member to read them. Good luck and if I can be of anymore help, feel free to email me :)




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