Feeling A Little Overwhelmed


Nov 24, 2010
Hey Everyone,

I just needed to vent a little as I am feeling overwhelmed, and the worst part is I know I am doing it to myself.
I am in school full-time, I work a part time job M/W/Sat, run a Sparks group (Canadian Version of Girl Scouts) Tuesdays, Bowling League on Mondays, I am a T1 diabetic and just can't seem to say no, or get on top of everything.
I hate saying no to people so I say yes, which means staying up until 2am even with a class next day at 7am. Because I know many people who are worse off so if they can do it so can I. It makes for very long days....
My boyfriend isn't the most supportive all he ever says is I am doing it to myself which doesn't feel very good. He works out of town 4-8 weeks at a time and is home for 1, and when he is home he gets moody and says I don't have time for him. I will admit my time is limited, but I never know when he is coming home until the day of, an when I do make time he makes other plans anyway and says I have to be quicker. He has also starting drinking again which makes him extremely obnoxious and I really hate it.

I'm stressed out and well the only thing I look forward to each week is my Sparks group because they are always happy and the fact I have a Disney trip on the way.
Just writing this down makes me feel a little better, knowing that there is a friendly community around makes a gal relax a little.
Thanks :) for being there. :figment:


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Aug 16, 2011
My advice: Ditch Travis. The more of your life you give to him, the more you will regret it. Move on for yourself and Harley.

And try to learn to say "no." You don't have to follow it up with an explanation, or an excuse, just a simple "no" will do. Good luck!

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Mar 27, 2002
Agree with above
Ditch the guy.
Practice saying No, I can’t. And don’t provide an explanation because they will use that to bully you into doing what they want


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