Feast at EPCOT for under $45.00 FAMILY OF 4


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Oct 27, 2000
Last April we managed to eat at a few countries in Epcot at the counter service. When I got home an idea hit me! EAT MY WAY AROUND THE WORLD!

Here's the plan! Hit all the counter service counties I didn't get to last April. My family will order favs and share.


Mexico: several tasty dishes for about $6.50 (main course)
Norway: $3.00 (sweet treat)
China: Kids meal $4.00 (rice, chicken)
Japan: Kids meal $4.00 (chicken, beef, rice)
UK: chips $2.00

TOP IT OFF: PS at GG for the Ice Cream Social at 3pm!
$21.00 for the entire family (ds and I will share, he's 2), 15% tip = $25.00

With a little breakky in room (granola bars etc.,) We eat for under $45.00! That should be enough to fill us for the day! Maybe a couple granola bars at night, or share a pizza way later!
We have been 2 times and going back for a 3rd. in March. It is our "family tradition" to eat around the world at Epcot. We have 4 DD so hard to do a sit down dinner, but we love to taste the different foods this way. Have Fun!!!


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