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What is your favorite type of music?

  • Rock

  • Punk

  • Pop

  • Christian

  • Blues

  • Jazz

  • Rap

  • Heavy Metal

  • Country

  • Other(is so what?)

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I wanted to know everyone's fav type of music. mine is punk, and rock.
POP RULES!!! I Love N Sync! But I really like all kinds but pop is my all time fav!

My favorite music is ska, which is like punk with a horn section, except they play pretty upbeat and fast music. Some good ska bands are Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish. I also sing in a ska band in Niagara Falls called Batavia.

pop! especially *NSYNC! (betcha couldn't figure that one out:)) But lately I've been getting into some rock too like Creed and Lifehouse.
I really have no prefrecance...really its what on B-94 or The Star (two radio stations i listien to)
I mostly listen to pop and some rock...but i'm pretty open...except for some stuff...
My sig. pretty much says it all :)

i like anything except country. i don't no why but i just don't. i would say that i probably like whatever is played on the radio.
Pop is probably my fave....//\\//sync rules!! But I really like Life House, Linkin Park and Nickelback too! Ok, I dunno, I like ALL kinds of music! Anything with a good beat, I'll listen too!

I'll go for pretty much anything...Techno is my latest thing...Nyc Underground party volume 3! Oh yea :smooth: :bounce:
I listen to Ska and Emo music, and the only punk band I like is REALLY early Green Day stuff, before they sold out. My favorite bands include Alkaline Trio, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Big D and the Kids Table, Sellouts, Thursday, and Weezer. I like more bands, yes, but these are my favorites. I think pop sux and is beyond superficial. Hey, is anyone going on a Disney Cruise in April?
Hey what's up everyone! I like almost every kind of music but I really love bands like Linkin Park, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Fenix Tx, and a lot of other bands! Well I'll talk to you all later! :) peace out!
am i the only one who likes heavy metal!!!!!
how can you not like:
limp bizkit
linkin park
papa roach
am i the only one who doesn't like britney spears that much?!



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