Fall Trip 2013 - Moderate Resort, MNSSHP

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by AliOops, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. AliOops

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    Mar 16, 2012
    DH, DS6, DS3 and me will be spending the first 4 or 5 nights of our trip this fall onsite at Disney, however I'm having some (lots) difficulty deciding on a resort. We will be staying at one of the moderate resorts but I really can't decide between them. I'm leaning toward either POR or POFQ, mainly because of the proximity to DTD. Is one better than the other for 2 young boys....and a mama who still likes feeling like a princess: All 3 of my boys do love treating me like a princess especially in Disney :lovestruc I'm also wondering how many nights I would need to book in order to get free dining IF it is available during our stay. I will be making a room only booking right now but will change it if any offers show up. We're heading offsite after that which is why I'm wondering about the number of nights. We arrive Oct 29th and plan on spending Halloween night trick or treating at Disney. Is MNSSHP chaos on Oct 31st, does anyone have other suggestions? Our family are big Halloween people so just being away from home that night is a big deal. My DH is already trying to convince his BF to give out treats and scare kids (don't worry, it's only kids we know and a few adults) at our house while we're gone.
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    Sep 21, 2012
    We have been to the MNSSHP 2 years. The first year we did go Halloween night and the following year the Nov 1st or 2nd, can't remember which. Both nights were about the same. It seems to be a bit busier than the regular extended hours, but it is well worth it. The lines for the rides really weren't bad at all, 30-45 at most. While we waited for rides, my father kept making circles and hitting all the candy handouts - the CMs just kept laughing at this older (60ish) man with a huge grin on his face saying "trick or treat", he seemed more excited than some of the kids there. If you like to dress up you won't be alone. Almost everyone wears some sort of costume. Though I think some of the adults forgot they were taking their children to an amusement park and not the club, it was pretty comical to watch as tried to push their stollers through the crowds in 4 in platform heels without bending over and showing everything when their kids dropped their candy bags while trying to hold their skirts close as they walked over and around the people sitting on the curbs waiting for the parades.

    My brother (18 yrs at the time) and I (23 yrs at the time) tried Universal's much more grown up halloween party one year. We were at the park all day and I believe we went over to Halloween party around 7ish. It was def. more on the scary side with people jumping out at your from all over the place, zombies with chainsaw marching down the road and suddenly chasing you - it seemed like it was going to be a blast. By 8 we were ready to leave ASAP. Everyone was drunk, I kept getting rubbed up against, and he was about to punch the next person that "blocked" our way. Anywho, not my idea of a fun night and I wouldn't suggest it.
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    Apr 1, 2012
    This is the big mystery to me: Are the rides open during the MNSSHP? Some, most, all? I really want to go for the fireworks show and parade, but if rides were open that would be appealing as to me as well.

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