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    I made a reservation for two at AKL. Now my daughter has decided to go too. I know that there is an extra $25 per night charge. Do I need to call and change my reservation to have her added? If so, do I take a chance on losing the great rate that I got? I'm in a standard room; if we just show up with the third person, do we run the risk of not having queen beds? Or are most of the standard rooms equipped with two beds?
    Advice, please.
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    If you call and have her added it won't affect your rate at all. You will simply pay an additional $25 a night to have her stay. You can also do this at check in once she arrives so she has a key. Standard rooms have two queen beds.
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    Now or at checkin is fine. I always do this is my mom decide to visit while we are there. She'll book a different room elsewhere so the kids don't jump on her 24/7. I'll sign her up as a 5th in our room for concierge and she can visit and enjoy the guest status there as well.

    <b>Actually, you are entitled to four people per room with no further charge.</b>

    If I were you, I'd simply include her name for security purposes, but you should NOT incur any further charges.

    It depends on which hotel you have a standard room is that will determine the most readily availabe configuration. You didn't mention the hotel, but you can always call Disney and ask or look at <a href="http://www.wdwig.com">Deb's site </a> for the layout if you don't find them here.

    The Polynesian almost always has the sofa bed as does many other rooms but I don't know.

    You can call in for a specific room request 10 days in advance of your arrival before they put together who gets what room at the resort.

    I should like to add that your concern for being honest and accountable is a resfreshing start to my morning. Generally everyone I run across the boards here is a "stand up" person which is why I return so much. I hope you have a wonderful, safe trip!
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    Disney hotels charge for adults over 2 adults in a room, so she would incur further chanrges..unless her daughter isn't an adult.
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    most hotels only include first to adults in price. Extra charge for 18 and above. If you know anything different please let us know where you got this info. thank you

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