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Aug 13, 2001
Has anyone ever heard about it/done this before?

It is a summer program, and the Senior Program (for HSers) is held at Yale. Sort of an academic/extracurricular activities thing, it sounds cool. I am considering applying for it, and was wondering if anyone had any firsthand info about it. :)

omg carrie!! I'm doing it this summer!! I just got my confrimation letter about it! Are you going to do it? That'd be so cool if you did!! It sounds like so much fun!! I'm so excited!! I've never done it before though!

Oh this would be so cool if you were there too! :D
I am so gonna apply now! I didn't want to go without knowing someone, but the application will definitely be in the mail next week! :) I am so excited! :D
like how much does it cost or whatnot?

i wanna do it too...LOL!

i dunno if my mom would let me go to all the way to Yale though

Oh that'd be awesome if you could go too, Jules!! I'm not sure about all the prices, but go to the website (www.explo.org) and it'll have it there- and go first session (I think it's like June 30- July 17 or somthing)
Jules I dunno if you have checked it out yet or not, but the base tuition is $3195 for three weeks plus then like $150 for a dorm damage deposit and $250 for a bank account you have there for pay for things like Wed. and weekend trips. Then you pay for your own airfare too.

I convinced my mom to let me do it 1) because it is an academic program and 2) because you can go on college visits with Explo, and sending me here to let me visit Columbia, NYU, and other schools is cheaper than flying the whole family to NYC and staying there again hehe. :)

I hope you can do it, that would so cool if you could! :)
That sounds so cool you guys! I'd do it if I had the money! I hope you all get to do it. Tell us all about it when you come back...

Yea exactly Carrie! I told my parents it was academic so I really should do it... lol not really considering we get to go out to concerts and clubs at night.. ;)

Oh and best thing about it! They have computers there- we can DIS!! :bounce:
lol...i heard the price and I knew my mom wouldnt let me

i have a question though...whats a dorm damage fee? do they think your gonan set the things on fire? LOL

instead with the money it would have cost me to let me go there we were going to WDW...lol
aww Jules!! Wish you could come with us!

lol- I'm not sure about that dorm damage fee- I hope no one will set the dorms on fire... haha- actually one of the rules you have to read before you sign specifically says that you cannot "ignite" anything in the dorms... lol

but actually, that's not too weird- in eighth grade when we went to Mass. , we had to sign a paper that said we wouldn't jump out the windows... :rolleyes:
LOL the dorm damage fee is so you don't break anything in the room, like furniture or anything haha. I think setting things on fire would be included in that hehe.


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