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Earning My Ears
Jan 12, 2001
I was told that there was no entertainment Rate on Kid Suites. Has anyone else tried this? We have reservations in July at PB. We did get a AAA discount, but nothing close to 50%! I know there are limited rooms of Kid Suites, but she didn't say "none with entertainment rate", just that it doesn't ever apply to Kid Suites. Since it seems to depend who you talk to I thought I would check with you experts. I also notice my Loews card isn't on the reservation. Would that make any difference?
I wasn't able to get an Entertainment quote for kids suites either at PB. I was quoted $356 AAA and $445 Annual Pass. For butler concierge I was quoted AAA $415 and AP $290, again no entertainment.

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No ER for Kids Suite at HRH either. Tried this as well as PBH. Oh well, took the Deluxe Room at $149. Thought this still was a great deal.

I guess I will just stay with my AAA rate of 316/night. Yes it is expensive, but 13 nights with the kids we need at least some of those nights seperate!
have been trying to book a king suite or king del., on club floor (in april) for two months!!!!! have been told by "package" reps these are for "corporate" guests who don't want packages, just rooms, so they can't help me. talked to "rooms" and was told they only handle rooms so .....no park passes!!!! talked to loews and they send me back to HRH!!!! HRC also said i can book, and pay for club level room package (must pay in full by 2-22-01, approx.2500. for 6 nights) but they will not guarantee any ROOM CATAGORY!!! i'm willing to pay for what i want, but will not play "russian roulette" with a pre-paid res.. what's a girl to do???? maybe go back to my original res. with dis for 1 bdrm. suite @ boardwalk. help! my son really wants universal , i've never seen a co. that makes me work so hard to give them my money!!!

Book the room separately by calling: 1-800-23-Loews.

Park passes are easy to purchase from the hotel concierge when you arrive at the hotel. There is no real reason you need to get a package.
If they are mature/trustworthy enough, you might want to check into booking TWO connecting rooms at either the Garden view ($117) or the Pool view ($129). Both rooms would be a little cheaper than the Kids Suite and over 13 days could add up to an extra night!
My kids will only be 9 and 6 and so I wouldn't trust them yet (my 9 year old would be tempted to sneak out that other door, for just a minute!) But it is an idea I will keep in mind for the future! I did see on another post someone getting a quote of $277.00 for a kids suite at PB with the Univ. Fan Club. So now I have to go investigate that! Oh, the challenge of gettinga better rate!
I have stayed at the Portofino with the kids (ages 3 and 5) in two connecting pool view rooms (first trip)and in a kids suite (second trip). I definitely think that the kids siute works better, even though everyone has to share one bathroom. The kids loved the theme--and their beds wreren't so high either. I loved that they couldn't possibly get out and had chairs and a table that were kid-sized and kid-friendly. Also, parents get a king bed, which my 6'4" husband likes. All the other posters are right, there is no Entertainment rate, but I have used my Annnual Pass to get 30% off each time.

I called this morning and they quoted me $277 for the kid'ss suite at Portofino but with the Fan Club card and this was for December 1.

I haven't got a clue what it normally is.


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