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  1. SheilaHeartsDisney

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    Jun 19, 2008
    Hello!! We just recived our engagment photos from Disney and now it's time to order the photo book and I needed some advice. We can get the soft cover 6 x6 book that has 36 photos or the hard cover 8x8 with 24 pics +additional money. Which would you get or have you gotten? I really wanted the the hard cover and it would have been a no brainier if they also included the extra 12 photos free like they do with the but sadley they don't. For those that have seen the books is there much of a difference? Does anyone have a photo of what there book look likes (That's funny taking a photo of a photo book;)) Do they do anything fun with the photos or is it pretty much just a picture on a white page?? Thanks!!
  2. SheriBerry

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    Mar 18, 2010
    We did engagement photos with Disney and honsetly, the soft cover book looks like a cheap paper-back book. There's nothing fancy about it. They don't do any special layouts and it looks like the pictures were just printed on the page. My DF was pretty disappointed with the end result.
  3. lurkyloo

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    The pictures will look the same in the 8x8, the only differences will be a bigger size, fewer photos and the hard cover. "Photo books" have the pix printed on the pages. "Albums" have actual photos mounted in them.

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