EE days which rides do you suggest first


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Feb 4, 2001
I have 3 boys, 11ys and twins 8yrs.

Which rides or area of MK do you suggest we go to first for our EE entry. I imagine we will hit Space Mountain right away they love roller coasters but I have no clue on the park layouts and how to make the best ride choices during the EE time. Does anyone know the best way to tour the park during that time as well to take full advantage of the rides that are hard to get onto?

What about the other parks any ideas on those rides or attractions? We have a 7 day hopper pass so we plan on leaving once the park gets busy. We will be there April 22-29.

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The Space Mtn idea is good.Then off to Fantasy Land. My kids are similar ages and like the bigger rides better. None of mine liked Pooh, Peter Pan was good (Those are the only FPS there)They actually liked Small World too but we narrated and helped them to guess all of the countries.That makes a big difference.THen use up what time you have left til park opens and head over to BTMRR. Id hit that first cuz it has no FP.But right beside it is Splash Mnt. so grab your fast passes for that b4 you get in line for the RR.
Or you could grab the FP for the Haunted M on the way over to BTMRR. It involves a little more walking tho. If you hit HM on a second EE day and head there from Fantasy Land right as the park opens you wont even need the FP.(If you try to do both HM and BTMRR you will hit a big line by the time you get to BTMRR)

Then Id get ready to head to either jump on the train and take it back to head out of the park or see Country Bear jamboree &do shooting galery 1st.It gets too hot too fast. I think you know when you are all getting hot and irritable. No biggy. Just jump on the train and head back for a swim.

Go back to another park later in the day. EE days at MK are so busy. I think its better to do several sml trips there. (Same goes w/ Epcot but for dif reasons) At Epcot,except for TestTrack, my kids can only enjoy so much educational stuff at a time. Better to mix it w/ some not so socially redeeming stuff.
Evie ;) Good Luck!!
The line for Dumbo is incredibly long and slow all day long. No FastPass! Make a beeline for it first thing if you want to ride it and then move on from there. Family and I always do Fantasyland after that because it has the heaviest crowd, longest lines, and the hotest pavement during the day! Sometimes I felt like I could peel my sneakers off the pavement.
Don't forget Buzz! Hit this after Space Mountain and before fantasyland.

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