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Feb 9, 2002
Do the ECV's have a small seat on the back to accomodate a small child? I'd rather not bring my DD's stroller in if I can help it and we need to getan ECV anyway. Just hoping to get two birds with one stone.

I've never seen one that did.
You will see people occasionally with a child on their lap, but that is not safe. The child could fall off, they are in the driver's way for steering and safely seeing where they are going and, I have seen a child bump the steering part, causing the ecv to be out of control.
The ECVs that I have rented from Disney do not have room for more than one person. When you rent an ECV from Disney you are asked to sign a paper with the dos & don'ts which includes not carrying anyone else on the ECV.
The ECVs from Walker also do not have any capability of a second person. The only thing that might be done and it would be very dangerous would be to hold a small child in your lap.:(

ECVs from Care Med are also one person only. It is very dangerous to ride a small child on an ECV.
So, the answer to my question is "no" then. :D

I'm trying to find any little way I can to make this easier. Maybe you guys have a solution for me.
First, I really can't afford the ECV, it's like a rental car!! I'm paying for most of the trip for me, my wife, DD, and her parents. My wife and father-in-law will both need at least a wheelchair and DD is only 14 mos. old. So that's five people, 2 walking, three riding. With one ECV, there are enough hands and legs to go around, but I really can't afford to do the ECV, buy tickets for everyone, pay for most of the meals...I'm really in a bind here. Any suggestions?
Asking the in-laws for money is out of the question. They have less than I do. And me and my wife are on one income.

Other than growing a few more hands between now and your trip, I'm not sure what you can do.;)
Sorry, couldn't resist.
I've seen your other posts and I can tell you are really having a hard time puzzling things out. What you are doing is very nice, though, so keep trying. We'll try to help you out when we can think of something.

1) Cost: I know those ecvs are expensive to rent. If it's any consolation, my DD's power wheelchair cost more to buy than the first 3 cars my DH and I bought (the combined cost of all 3).
I see you are staying off site. The onsite resorts have some wheelchairs to lend free of charge, first come first served. You resort might too. That would be worth a call to them because it would save rental costs for you.
Another alternative might be to see if your area has a lending closet for things like wheelchairs that you could bring from home. Try calling United Way in your area. They usually have listings for services provided in the area (the UW "help" line is often calledFirst Call for Help)
If you are flying, the airline has to transport a wheelchair for free.

2) Growing extra hands: I would look at alternatives to a stroller. Eons ago, when my kids were little, we used a baby carrier for our youngest DD. Strollers can't go into the lines or into buildings, so having the baby carrier was a big help. For you, it might be vital since you can't carry a baby and push 2 wheelchairs with only 4 hands.
You might want to post on the Family Board to ask about alternatives to strollers. I've seen some people who swear by slings and backpack carriers, even for babies older than 14 months (much older).
If your stroller is small, you may still be able to carry it with you so you don't have to push it all the time. People fold up walkers and bungee cord them to the back of ecvs and wheelchairs, so you could probably rig something up that way with a folded umbrella stroller.
If you don't have a backpack or sling, maybe you can find a friend or someone who will lend you one. You might be able to find one at a bargain rate at Goodwill or a resale shop since kids outgrow them.

Good luck. You sound like you are trying to look at all the angles, so I'm sure things will work out.

Thanks for some helpful hints SueM. I'll call Vistana about a wheelchair, hopefully they can accomodate us and save us a little bit. I don't see any way around getting an ECV though. I don't think we can bring wheelchairs because on our last trip we were packed to the gills into the van, and that was only with a stroller! And I simply can't carry DD on my back. I have a bad back and can't carry weight for very long.
It's more a money/time issue than a mobility issue. We don't really need a GAC since they can both walk just fine, but only for short distances/times. 30 minute waits would even be too long. But it takes extra time to get around. And I've already mentioned the money prob.

Does anyone know if they give a discount if you rent two chairs/ecv's?

And please don't think that DW is just one big StressWeek. I know we'll have a great time no matter what. In day-to-day life I'm a worrier over money anyway. I guess I just hate not being able to finance my own generosity as much and as comfortably as I'd like.

I'm also pretty good at asking questions that I know I can't get a satisfactory (for me) answer for. As long as Vistana has a chair to take, that'll save a few bucks anyway.



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