Eating at Oceano -- do they accept walk-ins?


Earning My Ears
Aug 13, 2010
We'd like to have a buffet dinner at Oceano -- ideally overlapping with Fantasmic -- but there are no open slots for our park days.

If we were to just show up and ask to eat there do they generally accommodate walk-ins?

Thanks for the info.

Lesley Wake

DIS Veteran
Mar 16, 2017
Yes they do, but I don’t know if timing around Fantasmic will work as they probably will be pretty busy!

I was over there on a Monday (holiday) evening, though I was a party of 1 and it was well before any nighttime shows. I was seated almost immediately. I would think the only way to get before Fantasmic would be to get in right at 90 minutes pre-show (you are given 90 minutes max at the restaurant). Be aware too that they also may not open up the balcony.


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