Early entry, operating hours????????????????


Earning My Ears
Feb 22, 2001
I'm confused and hope somone can straighten me out. We will be at universal Sunday 4/15 and Monday 4/16. I read previously that early entry days were IOA on Sunday and US on Monday. Now I just read the opposite. Anyone know for sure? We are staying off site and would like to avoid the early entry days. Also read that parks would open early (at 8 AM) week before Easter. Would that include those two days? :)
Early Entry days are:

USF: Sunday & Thursday
IOA: Monday & Wednesday

Remember, early entry is only for on-site hotel guests (which, even with both hotels booked over Easter - still isn't that much). So, unlike Disney, just because it's an early entry day, doesn't mean the park will be more crowded (in fact, there is absolutely no difference in attendance between an EE day and the rest of the week).

In terms of early opening on the 15th and 16th, I can almost guarantee that neither park will be opening it's gates to everyone at 8am on the 15th (except USF & on-site hotel guests) - it's Easter Sunday and their just won't be the demand to open that early. Monday may be a different story, we'll definitely open before 9am, just not sure yet
CoasterFEV is right. If you do early entry, you will feel like you have the park to yourself! :)


Barry Hom
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

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