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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by yankeeslover, Feb 29, 2012.

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    I chickened out and purchased the ebci for my august trip from bradley airport..here are some questions i now have.... since i now have ebci does this mean i dont have to do a thing now? no need to log in 24 hrs in advance? can i still log in at 24 hrs to print tickets or can i do that at 36 hrs? what if i dont print them at all and just wait to airport can i print them at the airport? Also, Im flying from bradley on 8/10 and flying back on 8/19. I purchased my tickets on 2/11 but waited till tonight(2/29) to purchase the ebci.. how does it choose the boarding pass? does it go by my ticket purchase date or the ebci purchase date? meaning, if someone purchased there flight tickets say last week and also got the ebci at the same time, does that mean they would get a better boarding pass then me because i waited to purchase the ebci? or does it backdate to my ticket purchase date?
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    Yes, you can do that if you wish, but only at 24 hours. Even though you are checked in at 36 hours, boarding passes are not available until 24 hours prior to a flight.

    Yes, you can print them at the airport if you wish.

    This is up for debate. Conventional wisdom is that priority is placed on when you purchased EBCI. However, that hasn't always been my experience.
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    As far as the EBCI number...there are several theories on that. I don't think even the folks at SW really know how the numbers are handed out.

    In my case....I've booked cheap sale fares, under $80, only a month or two in advance of the trip. Then only added EBCI a week or two before departure. So far I've had numbers in the A20-30 range. So in my experiences neither the fare or the time of purchase seems to have anything to do with it. Who knows :confused3

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