earl and universal orlando queastions


Mar 21, 2001
hey earl i understand now and i wont do it agian we are taking advantage that you work there and know whats going on.
But i got some queastions that wouldn't cross that line.
1. have you seen animal planet live and did you like it.
2. do know around what month the royal pacific resort will be opening in 2002.
Okay ..

As far as Animal Planet goes, I haven't seen the whole show yet, only parts of it. What I've seen looks okay. The show control vendor is still working out some bugs in the system.

I haven't heard a specific month yet. Honestly, if there is one now, it's speculative. I don't see a solid date until they get further along in construction and can see how they're doing.
hey thanks earl because my family and i are planning to go next year and i been watching the royal pacific hotel coming in 2002 so thats why i asked


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