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Feb 11, 2002
Hi guys. I had two items sell this week to folks with zero feedback. One was as the end of an auction. I sent an invoice on Sunday and have yet to hear from the person--this is after sending a confirmation e-mail on Monday too. The second one was a buy it now and this person did pay via Paypal, but paid with a credit card, and I specifically indicate that I do not accept credit card payments. I had to decline the payment. I'm certain the buyer got a Paypal e-mail indicating the denial, and I also sent a followup e-mail myself....no response.

I've never relisted or filed a complaint before. Truthfully, I'm not interested in filing a complaint as these two have zero feedback and will probably never buy anyway. However, I want to relist, and I want to make sure I've done everything I'm supposed to do before I move forward. How long do I have to wait, and what exactly do I need to do other than advise via e-mail?
I'm confused - what other option do people have when they're using PayPal, other than paying by credit card?
Direct transfers from a checking/savings account or an e-check.
If you want your $$ back for listing fees and final value fee you need to go though all the complaint logging steps. With it being so close to X-mas though if your items need to sell before Christmas I guess you can just suck up your loss and relist. Make sure though that those that bought do not want the items or you will have complains from them. As to how to relist just hit the relist link on the final bidding page.


Thanks, Cheryl. I thought of the fees after I posted my original note. I'll take a look this evening and see if it's worth it. I suppose it's the right thing to do from Ebay's perspective. At least I'll know that I did all I can do.
You'll need to "report an unpaid item" but you usually need to wait 7 days to do this, it used to be 10 days. It sends the NPB another email to pay (which I think is a waste of time) but that's the way it works. After 7 or 10 days you can get the FVF credited but NOT the listing fee as they won't credit that. You can relist and of course if it sells then you won't be charged for the listing the second time around, but if it doesn't then you have to pay another list fee.

I have found many bidders do not read listings thoroughly no matter how hard you try to stress your policies, but they're still there. I won't even allow a bidder with (0) feedback to bid on my auctions anymore unless they contact me first or respond to my email (if they don't read that info in my listing). If I don't hear from them their bid gets cancelled (because it's a foreshadow of the same thing happening after they win). I'm just tired of NPB's with (0) feedback. All of it's listed in my auction but of course they still bid and if they don't answer my email their bid gets cancelled. And, if they do email me then they're pretty much serious about paying. I've had some great (0) feedbackers too

Good info, thanks. I'm going to wait until Monday and go ahead and go through the Ebay unpaid items route. I think I will start including verbiage about zero feedback bidders on my auctions too.

Like I said sometimes they will bid anyway but you have the right to email them and cancel their bid PRIOR to the auction ending if you don't hear from them since you listed this "policy" in your auction. I know it may deter some newbies but honestly if they want your item it only takes 30 seconds to send you an email :rolleyes:


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