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Discussion in 'Canadian Trip Planning & Community Board' started by maryann4086, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Oct 15, 1999
    I asked this on the DVC board but can not seem to get the right answer. Since its a Canadian membership thought I would try here. We pay our dues by credit card, and I need to change the card, since old one expired and they want new info. They sent me a letter suggesting I go on site. I just cant seem to find where I would do this. Thanks so much
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    Sorry, I don't know where it is on the website. I would assume that it's under the profile section, but I could be wrong. Whenever I have to change the card number or expiration date, I found it easy to just call Members Services.

    However, if I wanted to change phone numbers or addresses, I would go on the members- only website (under profile) to do it.

    I hope someone can help you.
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    I had to change my credit card # on file before. I called MS and was told it had to be done in writing. So I had to fax a letter with my membership#, with both the old cc # and the new cc# and everything was changed that way. Don't know whether you need to do that just for the expiration date. Maybe call the toll free MS number to inquire. Pretty sure they have an "account inquiry" option.
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    To update your credit card online, from the DVC members home page:

    From the main menu at the top, mouse over "My Membership" and choose the "Profile" option.

    Most of the way down the profile page, you will see all of the contracts that you own. Next to each contract is a link that says "View Contract Information." Select that link for a given contract.

    On the contract information page, it will show you, among other things, your current credit card used to pay the annual dues. There should be a link next to the expiration date that says "Update Card Information." Select that link and you will be taken to the credit card update page, where you can follow the instructions.

    I think you have to repeat that for each contract you own.

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