DVC Onboard Cruise Offer


Jun 10, 2001
We booked our next cruise (with DVC points) when we got back from our 7/6 cruise. We were able to get the $200 onboard credit since there was nothing in place at the time of our cruise to book future cruises on DVC points. The *rude* women on the phone acknowledged there is now a way for DVC'rs to book onboard using points, but wouldn't provide further information. (She seemed very unhappy about us getting the $200 credit - as if it came directly from her pocket!!!) Anyway, does anyone know what the DVC onboard booking policy is - what benefits are given, what type of deposit is required, any other info? It's like pulling teeth to get some of these MS people to talk. Thanks. I'm posting here because this is really a cruise question. Most DVC people balk about using points for cruises and I'm not in the mood for taking that kind of flak from their forum. I appreciate any info you can provide.
Would be interested in this myself. I will check on my 9/28 cruise if I can use DVC points to make reservations and get the credit. I actually want to book 2 cruises one for next May (cash) and then DVC points for Oct. It would be great to get the credit with point.

I certainly won't give you flak for using point to cruise. Have used them twice for cruises. They are your points and people should be able to use them what ever way they want.
I think that the reason DVC people balk at using points for cruises is that it takes a LOT of points to cruise. Most of us would rather use the points at WDW where we get more bang for the buck (or point!) We did cruise once using points, but it was during a special offer--not so many points needed.
We bought our DVC membership on our last cruise, last month, and there was no mention about a "special" incentive about booking for our next cruise while on the boat. I don't think it would have helped us anyways, b/c we plan our next cruise for Dec 27, 2003 with part points and the rest cold hard cash. That's way before the eleven month window.

Disembarked the Wonder a week ago, and there was no mention of DVC bookings being done on board ship. Just the cash/DCL ressies with on board credits.
Thanks for the input. Turns out I have to call this woman back tomorrow anyway so I'll pry her for info on what she referred to - I'll go to her supervisor if I have to. Just curious because we had heard through the DVC rep on the 7/6 cruise that DVC was trying to work with DCL on an onboard credit type of incentive like the cash ressies get (she's the one who noted on our file to give us the $200 credit - very efficient and dependable). I'll report what I hear. I don't look forward to dealing with this woman again, though :( !

Till we meet again.....


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