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Earning My Ears
Jun 12, 2019
Hi DVC members,
What DVC data analysis would members find useful? I am looking to practice my R programming skills and find DVC data interesting. I am curious what information would be most useful to the DVC community.
1. ROFR data. I could analyze data on which contracts are bought back and why. I could produce an analysis of which factors make a contract likely to be bought back (e.g. resort, use year, price point). I could figure out a way to collect the data from the forum on here. Or if anyone has another suggestion of how to access more data on this..doesn't have to be csv/tabular but that would be great.
2. DVC sales
3. Points chart trends
4. Other suggestions...?

Chuck S

DVC Co-Moderator
Feb 6, 2000
Welcome to the DISBoards.

.Generally, the point charts have been pretty stable, with normal seasonal adjustments depending upon when Easter hits. Although there are rumors of some larger changes next year...we'll have to wait and see.

ROFR data would be iffy at best, as Disney really doesn't publicize it, and there is no place to actually find the data, other than the small percentage that is reported on forums and boards like the DIS.

DVC sales, again, unless someone is willing to cull through all the deed sites for the respective counties where DVC has properties, there is no central sales reporting site, other than that reported by folks on boards and forums, which is an extremely small percentage of sales.


DIS Veteran
May 7, 2015
If you could find an automated way to get sales price data on the WDW resorts from the Orange County Controllers site, and figure out pricing trends, that would be valuable. I have done this myself, but it can be tedious.i only do it when I am looking to add on some points in the resale market.
I am not sure you could automate it. For example, you can calculate the sales price because it is a multiple of the tax paid, but you might have to drill down to a PDF of the deed to get the number of points in the contract.

These pricing trends would be helpful, but would not include helpful data such as banked or borrowed points or stripped points.
  • Dean Marino

    DIS Veteran
    Jun 3, 2015
    I would start with a GOOD "Break Even" app. To work? It must account for Main Hotel Discounts - NOT "Rack".

    1) CASH entry fee? Or Finance? (Branch here).
    2) Stay Dates, pulling from available WDW Discounts over same period/location.
    3) Count down to "Break Even"...

    We've done this by hand & Excel since 2012. It's not all that easy, as "Rack" is a Myth. To boot? Time Value of Money (I would just hit average FDIC CD returns).

    People argue about all this all the time... some may have bought Apple at $48 :). Some just have CDs. There is no "answer" - but a good ESTIMATOR would really help people with the BIG question: "Should I buy into DVC"? "How long, based on my habits, will it take to Break Even?".


    Jul 2, 2010
    Paging Skier Pete!
    The #1 concern you see on the DVC message board is unit availability. Skier Pete has done a ton of research on this and published charts for Studio rooms at all resorts. He's in the process of doing the same for larger units. If I were you I'd start with a PM to Skier Pete and take it from there.


    Apr 13, 2019
    I have spent alot of time on OCC website over the last month. The county website has alot of data since all of the WDW DVC deeds, liens, mortgages, etc are recorded here. The downside is that most of the information isn't easily searchable, particularly anything before June 2008. The things which are searchable include the parties, recording date, the resort and, after 2008, the value of the contract (by way of the deed tax).

    You can also search the condo related docs for all WDW DVC resorts since 1992 as well as the waivers of the ROFR through last year (as of last year they no longer needed to be recorded).

    I have also found their output to be limited, and difficult to transfer to spreadsheet-then again I am no expert in this area-so it may be better than I realize.

    The docs including all of the deeds are available but looking at thousands of docs one at a time is not something that really interests me.

    The areas that I have primarily focused on relate to sales stats-both direct and resale- and for that, it has been useful if not somewhat limited. I think that the data from OKW, BWV, VWL would give a better view of the way in which people have used DVC over the last 25 years but sadly the docs prior to 2008 have only limited searchabilty.


    Apr 13, 2019
    The other thing that I was looking at is whether there is an effect of the number of points sold for each unit on the availability of units at a resort. The deeds and the condo declaration can provide info on the points sold for each unit.


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