DVC Cancellation Insurance


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Aug 24, 1999
I got my confirmation for December today and happened to look at the flyer they sent for insurance. It now lists the reimbursement. It is $5 per point. The premium is determined by multiplying the reimbursement by 5%.


150 points x $5 = $750 reimbursement.
$750 x 5% = $37.50 premium (minimum premium $29).

$5 per point hardly seems worth it. When you subtract the premium, it's only $4.75.
I agree. We've never bothered with the DVC insurance. I guess that you could call us "self-insured":) :) ........
I recommend getting the travel insurance through DVC ( Travel Guard) or another agency if you are going on a cruise or traveling out of the country. The majority of medical insurance policies in this country do not provide coverage outside of the US. Also....the cancellation penalty for a cruise begins at 60 days prior to departure. 30-59 days prior then you lose 18 pts;
15-29 days prior then you lose 54 pts; 8-14 days prior then you lose 50 and less than 8 days there is no refund on pts. We have never bought travel insurance for our DVC stays at the DVC resorts but definitely bought it for our upcoming cruise. Didn't want to chance losing over a year's worth of points or not having medical coverage in a foreign port if an emergency should happen.

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