DVC came through with our “ travel with” rooms!


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Aug 26, 2003
We needed, 1 one bedroom for 5 nights, 1 studio for 1 night, 1 one bedroom for 4 nights, and a two bedroom also for 4 nights. We are at BCV, and we are all in the very same area. Perfect for us, and we are having a wonderful WDW. We get to see good friends, and only one person missing from our family and we are having fun during the 50th birthday celebration. Two grandsons especially have enjoyed finding the statues and sharing the excitement with us through their photos.

Last night at only 10 minutes before MK fireworks we found a place to stand, and the display wowed us all. We saw some projections, and watched Tinkerbell fly practically right above us. The fireworks were awesome!! One song none of us recognized, but another guest mentioned it was from Frozen 2.

We stayed and enjoyed the park until closing. Grandchildren are 8,9 and also 16,17,18. We are a diverse group, and we as the parents, grandparents and friends are so glad to be able to share this experience. We live in different parts of the country. One son just told us how exhausted he is, but the experience his sons are having is priceless. He’s talking about family as well as the place.

Nap time is now, I can’t sleep during day, but SAB is our next gathering place!
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