DVC and picking up annual pass

Kennedy Cooke

Earning My Ears
Oct 13, 2021
Hi all!
I turned 18 this year and am now an associate on my parents DVC membership. I still live with my parents but I am looking to go on a solo trip in a few weeks, which will be my first trip back since 2019, since we are from Canada. We usually buy the Gold Annual Pass with our DVC membership, and since we always go on our trips together, there was never any issues picking up our passes (especially since my brother and I were minors). I'm looking to buy the Sorcerers AP when I go on my trip but I am concerned about having to pick it up. I will have proof of address and am listed as an affiliate but I'm not sure if I will have issues picking up my pass since my parents won't be there with me with their blue membership cards to pick it up. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks :)


DIS Veteran
Jan 5, 2000
One of your parents needs to call Member Services and ask them to put a note on their account stating that you can buy an AP. When you go, you'll need a copy of their blue member card and their photo ID, in addition to your own photo ID showing the same address as theirs. See this thread from the Mousecellaneous forum for posts from those who have done it. Unfortunately, associate members don't get benefits :guilty:.