Driving top wdw in spring at night


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Jan 16, 2001

We mainly do our driving during the day and stop by 6p.m., this time we may have to drive til about ll or 12 midnight.

I know it sounds like a silly question but can anybody tell me if it is difficult going thru the mountains of west virginia in the dark, I have heard of fog problems, deer etc. We will probably stop by beckley west virg. or wytheville I believe is in virginia. Our route is thru new york, pennsylvania ( 79 hwy to 77 to 95). Thanks,

I drove through the mountains at night(all night) and did not have any problems. Now my sister had to stop for 3 hours because of fog, so I guess you never know.
I drove through the mountains in the evening and stopped at Whythville. I would not do that again. On the way back we hit a monster rain storm and fog. We are going down (from Ontario) next Sat. and are going the I75 route. Part of the reason is that we are pulling a trailer and my sister (the other driver) will only drive on straight roads.


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