Don't you hate it when


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Feb 12, 2001
dont you hate it when you're waiting for someone to come online and then they like never do? I just found out this guy's sn and i really want to talk to him but he hasnt been online like at all! argh!

is anyone else like this or am i just unusually impatient?
no you are just unusually impatient!!

KIDDING, im like that all the time, like someone will tell me they will be on at 5. Im like ok.. there i am online at 5 and where is that other person???? oh they dont show up till around 5:20 im like AHHHHH where have you been!! hehe:p :p :p
happens to me ALL THE TIME. it seems like whenever i want someone to come online, they don't, and whenever i DON'T want someone to come online and IM me, they do. :rolleyes:
yeah I do it ALL the time!!

I wish someone would get on...yall could all jump her online...:p

I'm waiting for this girl I met at school to get online cuz we are supposed to go to a concert on friday (lol this should go on the date thread:rolleyes: ) But she won't get online......:mad: :mad:
I HATE that. Sometimes I'll call someone but the line'll be busy so I know they're online but when I get on they don't get on AIM for 20 minutes. And it's worse if they say they'll talk to you and they aren't there! Grrr... my friend John does that A LOT.
OH yeah. I hate when people do that.
I am so freaking impatient when it comes to that.
Actually,....I'm doing that right now.
I hate it!:mad: people always say I'llbe on at this time so i go on on and their never on :mad:
That is soo annoying! But i think its worse when you send them a message cause it says they are online, but never get a response!!! grrr!!!:o
I hate that too. Whenever I find out peoples sn I always want them to come online and then they never do. I also hate waiting for people. Then they will give me some excuse as to why they were never on at that time.
I hate it when you're in such a talkative mood, but no one is online :rolleyes:

Come on everyone!! Wake up :rolleyes:
I KNO WHAT U MEAN!!! My best guy friend is like NEVER online! Well, actually he is online but never when I'm on... and when he is on, he always jus abrubtly gets off rite in the middle of a conversation(not even saying goodbye and he is not even getting kicked off!) or he forgets to put his away mess on all the time and i think he is always ignoring me!
i think you should do a little bit of pay back. tell you friends that you'll tell them that you'll talk to them online and then just not go on.
Believe me ur not unusually impatient at all! CUZ IM EXACTLY LIKE THAT! and a lot of other people are too! I know how you're feelin cuz it always happens to me but dont give up!
Oh I know how you feel. Whenever I want someone to come online, I just sit and wait and they never come on. They usually come on though some other time when I'm not expecting them to.


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