Don't jump to conc. about dining policy

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by tarzanman, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. tarzanman

    tarzanman DIS Veteran

    Oct 13, 2000
    Maybe we should wait until there is an official Disney announcement about a dining change before we all go haywire. I have put in a call to some Disney employees at WDW to get more information. I will post what I get as a response.
  2. kamgen

    kamgen DIS Veteran

    Aug 3, 2000
    Good point.:)
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  4. diznee25

    diznee25 Proud Doggie Mommy

    Jul 17, 2002
    What specific dinning policy are you refering to? :confused:

  5. DoeWDW

    DoeWDW I've been a bit naughty since you've been away

    Mar 13, 2002
    Ahhhh, a voice of reason!! I agree - no reason to go crazy just yet.....

    I'll be looking forward to any light your friends can shed on this.
  6. peachgirl

    peachgirl DIS Veteran

    Aug 6, 2002
    I agree. We see this happen all the time. Whenever there's early news about some change at WDW, a frenzy begins over who it's going to cost or who got short changed in the deal.

    The resort rehabs are a perfect example. There were hundreds of posts by guests who had reservations that were all up in arms over what was going to happen. If Disney did this, they were going to cancel, if Disney didn't do that, they'd go to Universal. In the end, in both rehabs that I know of, guests got deals of a lifetime. All that worrying for nothing.

    Why not just wait and see what they have planned, then scream about it.;)
  7. diznee25

    diznee25 Proud Doggie Mommy

    Jul 17, 2002
    Ooops, never mind. I just saw the thread intitled "New Dinning Policy." Don't plan on reading that entire thread, but I'll keep posted to this thread about information regarding the dinning policy. ;)

  8. tarzanman

    tarzanman DIS Veteran

    Oct 13, 2000
    I am still waiting to hear from my WDW people about this, but I would expect to hear something soon.
  9. erikthewise

    erikthewise Guest

    Apparently it's more fun to jump to conclusions! That thread has a lot more responses! :p
  10. Rileygirl

    Rileygirl DIS Veteran

    Jan 20, 2003
    I Havent read the other thread either, but I just saw the following information posted on TourGuideMiKE's site in the public area, and thought it was very interesting. As its public info, I just copied and pasted it here. If you are planning to do cinderellas, please make sure you read til the very end!!!


    "Will Your Reservation Windows Be 180 Days or 90 Days?
    EVERYTHING in this AVP NEWS article is unofficial. Disney has no plans to officially release this information until August 4. Can’t stress that enough … I have verified my information from three resources, but each one said, “Please call back on August 4 so we can give you the most up-to-date details.” I will do so – promise!

    On Monday, August 4, Disney will begin providing two sets of Reservation Windows for Priority Seatings at ALL of the restaurants in its dining system: 90 days OR 180 days. The only exceptions are Victoria & Albert’s, Bistro de Paris (still 30 days), or specialized activity/dining opportunities. (I’ll verify these exceptions later too!)

    Third-part restaurants that are on Walt Disney World property are not affected because you have to call them separately for reservations regardless. Examples: Rainforest Café at Downtown Disney, The Dining Room at Wolfgang Puck’s, House of Blues, etc.

    BTW, this is only for dining locations and priority seatings. It appears that all of the activities will adhere to the present format, including fireworks cruises. (I knew you’d ask! ) And as of right now, it’s unclear if Fantasmic Dinner Packages will be available 180 days out or not. I’ll try to find out later. (I knew you’d ask that one too!)

    Who Can Call 180 Days Out?

    The only guests allowed to make priority seatings 180 days out from their requested date are those who are staying on property and have a package with a paid deposit reserved through the Walt Disney Travel Company.

    Disney’s definition of a ‘package’ means you not only have your hotel stay reserved, but also your park admission via the Ultimate Park Hopper and/or food & activities, based on how fancy of a package you upgraded to: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Romance, etc.

    The minimum package is the Dream Maker, or any other promotion package that also includes the Ultimate Park Hopper. So, yes, if you’re on the Fairytale Vacation Package, you qualifiy because it includes park admission, right?

    All packages are booked through the Walt Disney Travel Company, so it doesn’t matter if you used AAA, the Disney Club, your friendly Travel Agent, or reserved the package yourself – you qualify as long as you have a reserved package under your name. And just because you went through a third-party to reserve your package doesn’t mean you have to go through them for priority seatings. Call yourself!

    Don’t forget … You MUST have a paid deposit on record – the cast member will know when he or she brings up your reservation. (It’s been reported elsewhere that the entire reservation has to be paid in full. This is not correct according to my sources.)

    You will call 407-WDW-DINE like you always do on the appropriate days, but will now have to have your name (important: as recorded on the reservation) and reservation number ready to provide. The cast member will verify the information, and that ‘you are you,’ and then make the priority seating(s) for you.

    Who Does Not Qualify for the 180 Days Out Opportunity?

    In short: Everyone else.

    IF you ARE staying on property, but your reservation is for a ‘room only’ stay at a Disney hotel, you cannot call until 90 days out. Even if you have already purchased your 5-Day Park Hopper Plus through Disney, because you chose it over the Ultimate Park Hopper, you do not qualify.

    There are a lot of opportunities to save money on Disney hotels for guests seeking ‘room only’ stays: Annual Passholders, Florida residents, those who use discount codes (unless it was for a package), the military, and more. All of these guests will now have to wait until 90 days out.

    As for anyone staying off property, I think it’s pretty clear that you’re a 90-day-out caller, right?

    How Bad Is This?

    That answer depends on if Disney is being as smart as I hope they are. Are they making every possible table available at 180 days out, which would be totally unfair and alienate thousands of guests? Or are they only providing a portion of them, and then opening up more at 90 days, which would be smart, nice, and a pretty fair perk in my honest opinion?

    The latter scenario would benefit the 180-day ‘package’ guests because they still have less competition on the phone lines for those hard-to-get locations like Cinderella’s Character Breakfast, but wouldn’t necessarily anger ‘EVERYone’ else who is still staying at one of their own Disney Resort hotels and spending thousands of dollars to vacation with the Mouse.

    A guest will only be extremely disappointed by these changes if she or he stands no chance of getting into their restaurant of choice because all of the openings are given away to the package guests. While I think most of us can understand Disney’s marketing reasons for providing this ‘exclusive’ opportunity, I think we all agree it would be most unfair (and rather stupid) for it to only cater to this ONE market.

    I sincerely hope for all parties that my assumption is correct, and I’m betting that it is. Their computers certainly have the capability of providing two openings for each restaurant. We’ll have to stand by and see. (No one could answer this yet.)

    When Will My AVP’s Reservation Windows Be Updated?

    We’re looking at about one week after August 4. I’d like to ensure Disney’s ‘mind is made up’ about its policies, and I have to ‘stand in line’ somewhat with our developers because they have other clients to serve.

    We’ll need to put a specific question in the Vacation Preferences Questionnaire so you can indicate whether or not you’re on a package (with your deposit paid). The AVP will then know which set of dates to format and present for your Reservation Window Reminders.

    I haven’t yet decided which way is the best way to help my current guests, but it most likely involves you clicking the ‘Vacation Preferences’ link in the left side HELP column of your AVP greeting page, answering the question, and then clicking the ‘take me to my avp’ button. I’ll let you know when you can do so!

    It will refresh in only a few seconds because we’re not having to reformat your entire AVP. If you have custom formatted your Reservation Windows to specific vacation dates, please know we’re going to try to preserve those and only change your ‘Call Disney’ dates.

    Please stay tuned …I’m afraid to put this out there, but if you have any questions, please write me at. I may publish your question (without your name) and refer you back to this article. Just please ensure you first read what I’m providing above? Everything I could confirm is on this page. Thanks!

    Okay, here's one I just thought of: "We were planning on the 60-days out date for Cinderella's. But as of Monday, our call-in date will already be past due because of the policy change. What do we do?"

    A: You better be on that phone at 6:58 a.m. EST on Monday, Aug 4! Good luck! Here's my advice article about getting into Cinderella's Character Breakfast if you haven't already seen it: About That Cinderella Character Breakfast!

    BTW, I realize that some of my AVP guests are members of various discussion boards out there. You're welcome to spread this news in any way you think will help others. I only ask that you kindly remove my email address if you 'copy and paste' the content.
  11. CamColt

    CamColt Moderator Moderator

    Aug 7, 2000
    Does anyone know about if you book a "basic plan" through Disney Club? Technically that is a "package" or so they tell us, but it is room only(with minigolf passes). Hmmmm???
  12. Disneycrazymom

    Disneycrazymom DIS Veteran

    Mar 28, 2001
    If I understand correctly Disney is defining a package as a room and Uiltimate Park Hopper Ticket. That would not include a "room only" package.
  13. Minniespal

    Minniespal <img src="

    Jan 14, 2003
    Everyone seems to be stressing themselves out regarding this "new policy" until we know that it is actually coming into effect.
  14. susy

    susy Guest

    And what of the Disney Dining Experience? I know this is opening a whole new can of worms, but Disney is "selling" this to FL residents to the tune of $75. With this you get 20% off most sit-down restaurants in parks and resorts. MOST FL residents buy one day passes (weekend trips), Play 4 days Passes, seasonal or AP passes. This would disqualify them from geting the 180 day out privelege. So.... Dh and I were going to buy the Disney Dining Experience when we buy AP's this year for the five trips we currently have planned. Would this really make sense if I can't get the restaurants I want? I don't think so! When the word becomes "official" I will email them about this. Also affected by this would be the Epoct after 4pm pass, which I'm sure many locals have. Why would they buy this pass if they will have such a hard time gettting PS's at the Epcot restaurant of their choice?
  15. DisneyBug1995

    DisneyBug1995 Mouseketeer

    Jul 30, 2003
    I spoke to a CM this morning (trying to get reservations for Cindy's). She said that they have been told that the policy is going to change effective August 4. She also said that there has been a lot of disscussion over the policy change and it was a possibility that it would not change it at all.
  16. Disney1fan2002

    Disney1fan2002 <font color=red>Like OMG the TF is SOO psyched to

    Jun 21, 2002
    WDTC considers a room only reservation a "package". I know this because I booked a room at the ASMo last Ocotber through the Disney Club. They use WDTC, they do not go through CRO. Even though it was only the room, no passes, we still got the little perk. each of us could choose either a free round of minature golf or free entrance to Disney Quest. I believe this was for each day of our stay. ( I could be wrong there). So, if they did not consider just a room a package, why would we get the free package perks? Also, someone mentioned yesterday that they may be phasing out CRO, and eventually ALL bookings will be made through WDTC. If that is true, then this would be the 1st phase of it. so, this is how I see it as of now:

    1) WDTC considers anyone that has a reservation a "package" whether it includes passes or not
    2) Disney is getting rid of CRO and letting WDTC handle all on-site reservations
    3) This mean anyone staying on-site would be allow the 180 day opportunity.

    This makes more sense to me. Why would Disney alienate all but the small percentage that use WDTC? Something bigger is going on. I think it best we all calmly wait for the details.
  17. WebmasterPenny

    WebmasterPenny <marquee behavior=alternate><img src=http://www.di

    Dec 16, 1999
    I think maybe a lot of over-emphasis is being made on the amount of people who will be making these PS's if the worst-case scenario policy comes into affect.

    There are exactly the same people/table/PS ratio as before - except for some peak times (like Christmas) and very popular restaurants (like Cindy's if it's included and Chef Mickey's) I really don't see that all of a sudden <b>WHAM</b> - people won't be able to suddenly get the availability they want at the majority of places they want. I have only once made a PS before leaving home for my trip (simply because it was for a large group) and it was well within the first available booking window, only a couple of weeks before I left infact - I had no problem whatsoever getting the time I wanted. Now I have been to many restaurants onsite, all of which were booked after arrival...and that includes Cindy's breakfast.

    I really believe that just because some people <i>can</i> book their PS's at 180 days, only a small % of them will actually utilise it. Just as not everyone calls to make their PS's at the current 120 or 60 day mark now.

    It's all about keeping it in perspective I think :)
  18. susy

    susy Guest

    I hope you are right. Dh and I want to eat at cindy's for our anniverary when we go in Feb.
  19. Puffy2

    Puffy2 DIS Veteran

    Feb 28, 2000
    There is a little more info on restaurants message board. But it looks like the plans are not finalized yet and maybe we should all "wait" before we freak out.
  20. Scottwdw

    Scottwdw PS Wizard

    Sep 13, 1999
    I have summarized all the information I could confirm about the upcoming PS changes on my website here: New PS Policy

    As I was told..."this is all subject to change without notice." :D
  21. hulagirl

    hulagirl DIS Veteran

    Nov 5, 2002
    Very thoughtfully done Scott! Nice job.:D

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