Don't forget to budget money for


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Aug 18, 1999
film developing when you return. I just dropped off the film from our last trip and have figured with duplicates and enlargements I have over $100.00 in film being developed. (And I didn't think we took that much film--we go every year).
Hold on to your seat!

We had 16 rolls from our 6 days at Disney and our 7 day cruise. cost $211.00

We still have 7 disposables that we haven't developed!

Yes, that is one thing you can't forget to budget for! :eek:


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...and tip! I remember when we returned from our first trip in 1996 that our film developing cost over $80. Doesn't sound like much compared to some - but it really hurt our already hurting bank account when we returned!
Much better to plan ahead! :)

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we spent $80, just for the film!! :eek:
I figure on having it developed a little at a time. That's my plan. Let's see if I stick to it. :rolleyes:


You may want to consider mailing the film away to

At only $1.69 per roll for developing it is a real deal.

They send you the envelopes to mail your film in (you can put up to 4 rolls in each mailer or 1 disposable camera).

They post your pictures online in your account that you set up and also develop the film and mail the prints and negatives to you in the regular mail. They then bill your pre-registered credit card for the $1.69 per roll after they are developed and mailed to you. I have been very satisfied with them for the last 4 rolls of film that I have taken. I especially like the fact that I can create an online photo album to e-mail to my friends and family for no extra charge.
I often use the mail-in ones for vacations. Snapfish is great but I also have used many others. I take the envelopes with me (I fill out the envelopes before we leave) and as I use up film, I drop the rolls in the envelopes and send them off. They are usually back shortly after we get back from vacation and last time we had some that beat us home! For the last few rolls of film that we take at the end of vacation, I make sure I have the envelopes for Wal-mart (where we usually develop our film). I can address them and put the film in and they are ready to go. On our way back from the airport after our Ireland trip in November, we stopped by Wal-mart to drop off the film (I knew I wouldn't want to go out for the next few days) before we headed home. Very convenient.

I know this isn't really a budget tip but I do think its a pretty good one!

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I like snapfish for developing but NOT for enlargements to order copies of prints. I tried ordering enlargements online and the quality sucked!! Now I get duplicates printed & mailed directly to my home from snapfish, then get enlargements/reprints done locally.

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until now.
My concern: "pics in the mail." I would rather pay the one hour service here and know I get my photos, rather than taking a chance of having them lost.
But that's just me. It's not like I can hop to WDW any ol' time I feel like it and snap new ones. Plus this trip will be special for us for a variety of reasons.

I tried snapfish from one of the posts here. and was real happy with the results. We have extended family in Germany that were able to see the photos on line. At $1.69 a roll, we got one photos on line plus 4x6 prints on Kodak paper that were great. Will use them again.

we don't have 35mm film.
We will be using our Pentax Efina T. The film is a drop in. (Kodak Advantix)

It does sound enticing but the thought of losing my vacation photos by mailing them around is scary. Do they use tracking numbers or anything?

I've always taken them to the 1 hour photo center at Walmart because I'm so paranoid that they'll get lost if I leave them anywhere for a while. Am I nuts or what?


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