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Discussion in 'Camping at Disney World' started by Disneywishing, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. Disneywishing

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    Jul 13, 2009
    I am planning a 25th anniversary trip to WDW and have friends coming with me. they have a 22 ft camper and a couple dogs. They want to stay at the campground. We always stay at Riverside so know little about Ft Wilderness.

    What is a good loop for them to request? They were thinking full hook up instead of premium because it was in the back. Is this a good idea?

    What would you suggest?

    What is a good area to get around to bus stops, etc.

    Thank you for all your help.

    I am new to the boards, but everyone seems so friendly.

  2. BradyBz12

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    Sep 12, 2008
    Couple of questions... do they want/need to use the dog park, and if so, are they renting a GC?

    If 'yes' and 'no', that may effect where they want to be, as it could be a pretty long walk just to get to the dog park if they're not in one of the loops close by.

    The dog park is right near the playground adjacent to the 300 loop (which is Preferred pet) and across from the 500 loop (which is Premium pet)
  3. Shan-man

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    Aug 12, 2008
    If your friends are set on getting a Full site then their choices are 1600, 1700, 1800 or 1900. As Monique said, none of these are near the dog park (an off-leash playground for dogs). But, 1600 and 1800 back up to a canal with a wide, grassy pet walk area. Loop 1600 is closest to the bus stop, but also is subject to road noise, whereas 1800 is more secluded (and shady, I think). So I'd say it depends on which they give priority to, bus access or seclusion. If access to the dog park is a priority, your friends would really need to either rent a cart or upgrade to a Preferred or Premium loop (300 or 500 ideally).


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