Does Universal Express still exist?


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Nov 18, 2000
I thought from info I had seen on this site that Universal Express had finished. However, the official web site is still saying " just show your multi-day tickets and enjoy early park admission and "No Waiting" express access to all your favorite rides* during the first two hours the parks are open, seven days a week!" IS THIS TRUE?

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We were there on Monday and officially it was still in effect, although we never had more than a 10 minute wait on anything all day so wasn't needed. I did see what looks to be something similar to Disney's Fast Pass machines being installed.......
looks like they have a ways to go yet, only noticed it at BTTF and there were no actual "machines" yet, but the area looked ready to go....


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Being an annual pass holder I get to use the express anytime I visit IOA or USF. I always ask when this is going to stop and they have told me for about 6 months now, "Any Day Now". This must mean never. Also the boths that look like Fast Pass have been in effect for almost a year now and I have yet to see any more construction. Every time I go to see if it is open they are closed because of the short wait times. I have seen it open at the Zues attraction but I never used it yet. Who knows what they will do.
The booths they are talking about are for the actuall machines that will be installed. A machine will be at every attraction and the system seems to be like fast pass, however you can choose your own time. I guess the machines will work for multiday ticketholders. Earl and CoasterFEV know more info but I haven't seen them on the boards lately....



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