Does the AKL have unusaul smell?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Taratink, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. Taratink

    Taratink DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2004
    Last Feb. my family and I went to eat dinner at the AKL. We walked around and we loved it. It was so beautiful and I loved to look at the animals. My husband really wants to stay there sometime.I did have one distraction, the smell. I think it might have been a spice that the Chefs were cooking with. Has anyone noticed this. Maybe it was just the day. I am not usually sesitive to diffrent scents but I don't think I couls stand it for 7 days. I really have ruled out the AKL for this reason. Someone please tell me that the smell is not normally there because I would love to stay there. :confused:
  2. madalex

    madalex DIS Veteran

    Feb 24, 2004
    Have stayed at and visited AKL many times. Never noticed any strange or objectionable smells. I would not worry about it.
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  4. FoodLover

    FoodLover Founder of

    Dec 19, 2000
    There is always a distinct food smell in the AKL lobby. The primary ingredient I can smell is cinnamon, with maybe a slight "curry" undertone. I personally find it very pleasant!

  5. momtotwinglesx4

    momtotwinglesx4 DIS Veteran

    Jul 20, 2001
    No, you're not mistaken, there *is* a distinctive smell in AKL. Here is an excerpt from an article on Boma in my fall 2004 Disney magazine:

    "About the time guests start lining up for dinner at Boma, sous-chef Tjetjep Sudiswa takes to the kitchen on a mission. Heating a specially seasoned pan, Sudiswa sends the "Aroma de Boma" -- a bouquet of turmeric, curry, cumin, and coriander--out to entice diners."

    Personally, I absolutely *love* the aroma; it sure works to entice *me* to Boma, my favorite restaurant anywhere!
  6. MickeyMike

    MickeyMike Earning My Ears

    Sep 13, 2002
    I believe the smell you are referring to is indeed the spices used in the restaurant Boma. We actually loved the smell in the lobby of the resort, but what smells good to one person doesn't always smell good to another. We really didn't notice much when we were in the hallways, rooms, etc. but it made us hungry every time we walked through the lobby. That particular smell was always there during our stay at AKL and on other visits to eat dinner at one of the restaurants.
  7. Taratink

    Taratink DIS Veteran

    Aug 31, 2004
    Thank you. I am a little disappointed, I was hoping that it was unsual since I really love that hotel. Looks like I will have to love it from a far. We will have to stay at WL.
  8. mkymouse4ever

    mkymouse4ever DIS Veteran

    May 18, 2000
    We always visit AKL having not stayed there we were exploring, and "checking out" a good room location, etc.... for the future ;) This July 2004, when out side we wander in the Very Hot, Hot humid, heat :crazy: and did notice your typical (I hate to write it) "zoo smell". :earseek: I really was shocked cause we had never noticed it before on earlier adventure, scouting trips. :yo-yo: Maybe it was the Heat, or just time to "clean up" but it was definately noticable. other people walked out to the "look out area" and in a few seconds were running back in. :eek: I'm sure Akl took care of it, but probably with the heat, sun etc... these things do happen. :sunny:

    So, we are re-thinking AKL for a "cooler" climate ;) :rolleyes:

    MKY princess:
  9. stinkerbelle

    stinkerbelle In a #10 sort of way?<br><font color=green>Sometim

    Oct 27, 2002
    DITTO! I LOVE that AKL smell! I actually found a marinade that kinda smells like it.

    I love the way that smell just assaults you as you walk in the lobby doors too! Just makes the place feel so warm/inviting.

    And I've never, EVER noticed a 'zoo smell'...well, once...when I was on the sunset safari (down on the savannah) and we were down wind of the male giraffe (they are very musking/stinky) but other then that, I've never thought the place smelled 'zoo-ish' at all.
  10. litlpixie

    litlpixie Proudly stalking the CRO since 2001!!

    Aug 28, 2003
    Me too, love the smell of the AKL lobby!!! But everyone's senses differ. Now that I know about the "Boma Aroma" I wonder if I can cook up that concoction at home, put on some African music, close my eyes and pretend I'm there......until the doorbell rings, the phone rings, the dryer buzzes, the cat scratches at the screen, etc.,......oh well it was a nice day dream :teeth:
  11. ILoveWDW2003

    ILoveWDW2003 DIS Veteran

    Feb 3, 2004
    I find that each resort has a smell... WL does too, with the fireplace in the lobby. Sometimes I notice it, othertimes I don't.
  12. Kapp

    Kapp <font color=CC33CC>Tag patience is a virture I am

    Dec 12, 2002
    That is one of the first impressions of the AKL when we first stayed there. The spice and wood smoke just smells like vacation and Disney to us now! When we ate at Boma last Fall, the smell brought back all of our memories from 2 years before it. To this day, whenever we smell anything close at a resturant or store, we comment about the AKL.
  13. jcemom

    jcemom Official Tag Fairy Assistant

    Mar 23, 2003
    DH is STILL talking about the AKL smell, LOL. He actually wanted me to call them and ask if I could "buy" some of whatever it is making the smell! :crazy:
  14. Schmeck

    Schmeck <font color=blue>Funny thing is now my 17 year old

    Aug 26, 1999
    Our first trip, I really noticed the smell - kind of pungent, woody, etc. This last time I was all set to enjoy the 'smell of AKL' as my kids call it, but it wasn't there :confused:
  15. dalt01

    dalt01 DIS Veteran

    Jul 30, 2000
    my wife thought she smelled something when we were walking in the lobby last christmas.:rose: i went upstairs and took a quick shower and she never mentioned it the rest of the week. go figure:confused3
  16. AdventurerKat

    AdventurerKat <font color=FF99FF>Cries in her Jello shots<br><fo

    Nov 7, 2001
    I love that AKL smell too! :)
  17. Leota

    Leota DIS Veteran

    May 16, 2000
    I think the smell in the AKL lobby is so enticing! It is one of the things that drew us to planning my Birthday trip there next April.
    It is part of what makes you feel carried away to Africa when you walk in.
    Woody, earthy, spicey, warm........
  18. cdrn1

    cdrn1 <font color=royalblue>what I wouldn't give to have

    Oct 15, 1999
    I daydream about that aroma! It's one of the things that I am so looking forward to about our upcoming trip.
  19. littlebigdog

    littlebigdog Our lives are made in these small hours, these lit

    Jul 27, 2004
    Our family also loves the smell of AKL. The aroma fills the whole lobby, and no matter what time of day you go through there is always a hint of that wonderful smell. However we didn't notice it at all in the corridors or in our room. We had a lower level room that exited right beside the pool!

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