Does it look like I booked this split stay okay?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by disneysuncat, Feb 21, 2010.

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    After MUCH deliberation, we've decided to do a split stay for our 12 night trip. The resorts are AKL and WL. We're doing deluxe dining, so I had to have some sort of tickets on the second reservation as well. Here's what I did...

    11/7-11/13 Animal Kingdom Lodge pool view
    10 day park hoppers
    deluxe dine

    11/13-11/19 Wilderness Lodge courtyard view
    1 day base tickets
    deluxe dine

    There will one day (our downtown Disney day) that we don't go into the parks. We may also not go on our arrival day, but will decide that once we're there. So we would have tickets to get in 11 days, but may save that 1 day base for whenever. We're driving, so I can transfer our luggage myself.

    This is my mom's birthday trip, I had the whole thing at AKL first, but she really liked the idea of two resorts since we'll be there that long. My daughter (age 10) will just be happy to be there no matter what. Does it look like I booked it the best way ticket-wise? I am thinking that was the best way for our situation, but know that you experts may have suggestions. :)
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    Looks good to me:thumbsup2

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