Does anyone own rental property in FL?


Oct 13, 1999
I have it under good authrority (from the Community Board) that an individual on this board owns rental property in Florida (near WDW).
My husband and I are currently in negoiations for a house in Orlando and want to know if anyone uses a Management Company to handle their property when it is not possible for them to be there personally.
I believe that the rules of the subdivision state that the property must be rented for 6 months at a time (which I feel is good). So, hopefully we would end up only renting it out once or twice a year.
If you would like to email me.......please feel free to do so. I would enjoy any feedback on the subject.

I own a property that is managed by Premier Vacation homes who advertise on these boards. I was very happy with their efforts when I bought and they have been a very efficient company throughout the purchase and in their managing of the house. The lady I dealt with was Peggy Morris and she was excellent.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to email me.

The majority of the rentals are for less than 6 months and while a long rent would be nice, they are much harder to get, you could have the house unoccupied for a year with no income at all. It is more usual for the rentals to be NO MORE than 6 months not prohibiting less than 6 months. I would be very careful buying a house that was minimum rentals as you are not looking at holiday makers for those rentals but "regular" long term tennents. I think that if a vacation home is your aim it would be hard to fit in your own vacation around minimum 6 month rentals JMHO. If it is an investment property and you are looking to return an income then I doubt there will be many people here that will be able to give you information as the majority of rental homes in Orlando are vacation homes on short rentals


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