do you have the door normally open or closed when you're in a room of your home?

In my old farmhouse, all the rooms connect, there are no hallways, so I took the doors off to make it easier to get from one side to the other. I should add I live alone so that’s probably a big factor

As for the entrance doors, no, they are all ALWAYS locked screen AND door. They aren’t unlocked unless you make an appointment with me. Both sides of my family have this weird thing where they just show up at others’ houses and just walk in—no pre-plan, not even a knock when they arrive.
Open unless it is too noisy in other parts of the house.
I close my bedroom door if I go to bed before DH because the TV is too loud.
I close the door to my office if I am wrapping presents
We took off the door from the living room to the kitchen, and the dining room to the kitchen (old house, our fireplace is actually for coal). Doors to the outside always open, unless a/c is on (the kids friends know they can just walk in, even if my kids aren’t here). H drives me crazy when he works from home in one of the upstairs bedrooms, won’t close the door, he’s on calls or zooms all day.


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