Do you call and verify your ADRs?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by j_lehr, Sep 18, 2007.


Do you verify your ADR's before leaving for your trip?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. j_lehr

    j_lehr DIS Veteran

    May 6, 2000
    I am just curious how many people call and verify their ADRs? I called over Christmas time and there actually was a mistake so I know I should call and verify these. But I guess I just feel bad because I know those dining people are busy and also (and this may sound odd!) I feel by calling and verifying that they could make a mistake that wasn't there before just by pulling up the screen (told ya it was wierd!). Just curious what others do.

  2. SnowWtch

    SnowWtch DIS Veteran

    Oct 2, 2006
    Yes, I call because I'm extremely paranoid that something's going to happen to them if I don't. I especially call if I've made any changes from the original call just to make sure things are when they should be.
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  4. SereneOne

    SereneOne DIS Veteran

    Aug 20, 2007
    Whew! I feel better now...I was going to do this.:laughing: :hug:
  5. Disney 4 2

    Disney 4 2 Mouseketeer

    Mar 7, 2007
    This will be our 6th trip to WDW and I have never checked my ADRs. I always take the confirmation numbers to the restaurants.

    My DH and I leave Sunday for a week at WDW. We only have ADRs for signature restaurants for dinner.

    We will be at the Chef's table at V & A Monday night. V & A called our home last night to confirm our ADR and our allergies. So this morning I thought I would call and confirm the other ADRs I had made.
    They could not find them! What happened was the CM told me she could confirm the entire list by my telephone number. We tried my home, work and cell number. Then she found my ADRs under my home number but one of the last digits were wrong. See a typo and I would have gone crazy if I had not called before leaving home.

    So now I am glad I called.:banana:
  6. Freyja

    Freyja <font color=red>Formerly known as Sleepless in Den

    Aug 8, 2003
    No, never.
  7. disneyquilter

    disneyquilter It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow...

    Nov 14, 2006
    I am so OCD when it comes to my ADR list :lmao:

    I double check them at the 3 month point, the 1 month point, then 2 days before we leave...see told you I was obessesive compulsive about it :laughing:
  8. LarryJ

    LarryJ Dedicated FW 1600 "Looper"

    Jul 7, 2007
    Note before we leave, but once we get there we confirm them a couple of days in advance just so there are less "SURPRISES".

  9. MissMet

    MissMet DIS Veteran

    Mar 17, 2007
    No. We have never done that. We just bring our confirmation numbers with us & when we check in we ask for a print out of all our ADRs. Since '88 we've had one mess up & it was this past Dec. No big deal though, the restaurant made room for us. It's bad enough we have to call 180 days in advanced, I'm not going through that headache again right before we leave.
  10. dreamn_Disney

    dreamn_Disney <font color=deeppink>I am flippin hilarious<br><fo

    Feb 18, 2007
    I do and so glad since last trip we had ADR's all set and when I called to check our CP ADR was for a month before our trip. They just pulled up the wrong month when I made it and I did not catch it at the time. Since I was double checking I was able to fix the mistake. I feel if I had not we would have showed up and not gotten a table. Imagine telling an excited 3yo why he would not see Pooh this trip.
  11. ZoZo

    ZoZo DIS Veteran

    Jun 16, 2005
    Yes, coincidentally, I just called to verify my ADRs for my trip in 10 days. They were fine - what a relief!

    That's because we found out two weeks ago that Shades of Green Resort goofed up our hotel reservation! They had the wrong arrival and departure dates (both!). We were able to correct the error, for the most part, but will have to move out of our family suite to two separate rooms the last night of our trip (what a hassle, but at least they had room for us!). So it pays to double-check things - it only takes a few minutes, but you can really catch some big mistakes that way!
  12. JPG

    JPG Forward our mail to Fort Wilderness!

    Jun 27, 2005
    Every trip and every reservation we make, we check. :surfweb:
  13. kim5678

    kim5678 Mouseketeer

    Jan 24, 2006
    I do not call to verify, but I do keep all of my confirmation numbers on hand in case there is a problem...:goodvibes
  14. suzimar57

    suzimar57 Miss my Happy Place.

    May 7, 2000
    yes i do call, usually 2 weeks before we go
  15. KnJ

    KnJ Mouseketeer

    Jan 25, 2006
    I voted NO, but actually due to a recent experience, I will be doing so now.

    When I make the ADRs I type them into a spreadsheet and then verify the information when the CM repeats it back to me.

    Well, when we went to the Coral Reef they could not find my ADR. I pulled out the confirmation number and they found it, but it was for an hour later than what I had verified with the CM. Luckily they were very apologetic (even though it was not their fault) and got us seated in about 25-30 minutes, and went out of their way to get us a table next to the aquarium, because they felt bad about the mix up.

    So, from now on when I get to the resort I will get a print out from the concierge desk.
  16. aubriee

    aubriee <font color=brown><marquee>Chocolate always makes

    Dec 3, 2004
    Definitely! I just posted about this yesterday. I called yesterday morning to try once again to switch my Tony's ADR to LTT (without success). While I had the CM on the phone I had her verify all my ADRs. We found that when I changed three ADRs a month or so ago, that CM neglected to cancel my old ones. I was accidentally double booked. One of them was for a Fantasmic pkg at Mama Melrose I had canceled. I would not have been happy if I had been charged that deposit for not showing up, when I know I canceled it.

    OT: The CM canceled all three ADRs that the first CM neglected to. We canceled 10/02 5:00pm Mama Melrose Fantasmic Pkg, 10/04 6:30pm 'Ohana, and 10/06 4:20pm Coral Reef, if anyone wants them.

    My oher ADRs were fine, the CM last month just neglected to cancel my old ADRs when I made new ones (despite me asking her to). Definitely call to check your ADRs, especially if you have made any changes or if you have any that required a credit card guarantee.
  17. shellybaxter

    shellybaxter Dis Veteran <br>Disney Restaurants for one hundre

    Sep 20, 2003
    I don't call to verify. A couple of years ago a CM dis poster said that the more someone "opens" your ressies the more of a chance that they will get messed up. So I wait until I am at the hotel and get a print out. In eight trips I've only ever had one problem with a messed up ADR and that was at Le Cellier. They said I made the ADR for the day before which was not possible since I wasn't even in Disney the day before. They seated us anyway with a small wait.

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