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    May 30, 2006
    I just wanted to make a collection of all of the random day trips and mini trip reports that I've created over the years.


    DLR with high school band 3/21/10:
    Stupid awards ceremony

    DL 9/25/10: First DL trip after moving into college!

    DLR 12/5/10: DLR in the POURING rain = no crowds and wet socks :umbrella:

    DLR 2/5/11: 25 rides on 2/5!

    DLR 2/19 & 2/20/11:
    President's Weekend Family trip

    DLR 3/26/11: First successful 6 FP sets before 10AM

    DLR 5/2/11: Study for finals? Nah, I'll go to Disneyland :teacher:

    DLR 5/12/11: School's Out for summer!

    DLR 8/16 & 8/17/11:
    Move-in trip with friend, Avi

    DLR 10/28/11: Got my next AP! :cool1:

    DLR 2/29/12: One More Disney Day madness! :scared1:

    DLR 3/31/12: April Fools! But actually 28 rides using 9 sets of FP!

    DLR 4/29/12 and 5/1/12: Twice in 3 days! Also PR on TSMM. :3dglasses

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