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    Yeah, I have to agree with that, really shows they just don't care anymore. I haven't stayed at this particular hotel since just after it changed ownership, it wasn't the best hotel to begin with but I would usually save around $100 or more by staying there. It sounds like they raised their rates to be similar to the other short walk to the park hotels but actually lowered the quality.
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    My link is to a thread where they are talking about the DIS Unplugged review and most posters seem to agree with the team, not that the team was agreeing with the boards. The team base their reviews on their own experiences, not popular opinion.

    Agreed. I pretty much don't expect housekeeping to change my sheets mid-stay, and I tend to be conservative on towels, where I don't expect them to be changed every day. Then again, I usually don't have housekeeping come in during my stay, and keep my room tidy myself.

    I would have done that, too, although I think the team wanted to see how thorough housekeeping was.

    All hotels have issues, and housekeeping can be lacking in any one. When I was a Dreams agent I got a call from a client that was VERY unhappy when they checked in to the Grand Californian Hotel. They had arrived pretty late at night, and weren't happy that the room had a sleeping bag for their child-guest #5 in the room (in the early days the Grand Californian was set up to have sleeping bags for the 5th person as part of a wilderness experience at the hotel), plus they found a dirty diaper on the balcony that housekeeping had overlooked. Of course, housekeeping took care of the diaper, but it was end of year holidays, and no other rooms were available. They were pretty upset.

    My iPod was stolen in a hotel at WDW (partly my fault, as I had left it on the nightstand when we checked out). I called a couple of hours after checking out, and it was never turned in. Years later, I left my replacement iPod at Housekeeping camp in Yosemite, and considered it lost when I realized it was gone when I got home. A month later, I got a call from Lost and Found asking me to ID it, and they sent it to me.
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    The not changing sheets thing is pretty common, in fact GCH won't change your sheets unless you specifically request it.

    Based on what they said, this definitely doesn't sound like a case of snobbery and looking down at one of the Harbor hotels. I am actually impressed they were able to maintain their composure as long as they did during the whole room changing fiasco. Bad housekeeping you can sometimes understand if they are having staffing issues, etc. but the issues with even getting the correct rooms and getting into the rooms shows a systemic problem at that hotel.

    I think one good thing that will come from this bad experience is hopefully when people hear the podcast they will realize that just because it is a Good Neighbor hotel does not mean it is necessarily high end or high quality. I think people see that designation and assume that there were a bunch of hoops they had to jump through (like Pete assumed based on his knowledge of Good neighbor hotels in Orlando) or a high standard they have to meet. Most of the good neighbor hotels are good quality but that destination isn't enough to just assume there are no issues without bothering to check other reviews and see what the people who are actually staying there say. Also there are hotels that are not Good Neighbor, such as the Park Vue, that more than favorably compare to a lot of the ones with the designation.
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    Lol I was referring to the fact The Anaheim Hotel whenever spoken about on the boards has gotten mixed/mostly not great reviews. Indeed one of the mods recently advised someone against it. I was just saying the common consensus on the boards was already the Anaheim Hotel has issues.
    I was joking if they had asked before booking they would have gotten an earful. . Though obviously that’s not the point of reviewing a hotel.
    I was just being silly. :)
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    I know when the same sort of issue happened with me and my friends at a hotel in Williamsburg, VA years ago, we decided to leave the dead roach, and some big cracker crumbs where they were, to see how long it would take housekeeping to clean up. They never did, not for the 4 days we were there. Despite us leaving notes with arrows oh the floor, pointing to both items, since they obviously did not see, or are, on their own. The notes got more elaborate every day, kind of like "Let's see if THIS works!".

    So - in my case - it was a case of curiosity. And with my friends and I, it almost became like a game every day - opening the door to see if all was still there, and who could come up with the note/idea to make them FINALLY clean it up. Nobody won. :)

    We didn't have all the other room-moving issues, though, just the dead roach, and the crumbs. Oh - and the broken downspout over the only exit staircase during 4 days of deluges, so we always got soaked going in/out.

    We did mention everything to the Front Desk Manager on our way out the last morning, so guests after us did not (hopefully) have to put up with it.
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    PP's have answered this, but i think we have to remember that they were staying to review it, not reviewing because they stayed.
    This was a good way to assess the housekeeping and it clearly garnered results.

    As i said above, given they were doing a review, i'm guessing that's why they left it.
    If they were staying as guests on their own vacation, no review needed, i'd assume they'd have mentioned it much sooner?

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