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    Fair enough, but they went on and on about the bars. I don't think I'll be bringing my kids to Bottle Logic, Anaheim Brewery, the Bruery, Unsung Brewing, or Beerbar Grooming any time soon. And I totally appreciate how much people like Karl Strauss, too. But honestly a bunch of the suggestions all circled around booze. If you're not THAT into beer or if you're an alcoholic, then this particular episode/podcast was pretty lacking. I doubt that a family with younger kids (i.e., not teenagers) will be taking their family to a concert at House of Blues, for example, but you could definitely eat a meal there. Michael Bowling used to talk about the gospel brunches that House of Blues does...nobody talked about that on the podcast. Those gospel brunches are on Sundays and kids could definitely go to something like that. After about 10 minutes of going on and on about beer, I thought, "OMG enough about the alcohol. There's more to do in Anaheim than just drink!"

    Nobody mentioned the Discovery Cube science museum, which is really close to Disneyland, for example. That's something fun yet away from the parks. Or taking Amtrak down to San Juan Capistrano and going to the mission. Or that cool aquarium in Long Beach, which isn't that far away. Or if somebody's into outlet shopping and they're traveling to So Cal from far away, there's an outlet mall not too far of a drive from Disneyland.
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    These are some really great suggestions. But I think the segment was more on what you can do for a few hours away from the Disneyland Resort. A lot of these items would be great Day 6 items, but wasn't quite the focus of the segment.

    I do not know the Anaheim area, so I do not know what else is close by that would be good for a family to do for a few hours. Hopefully the DIS team is seeing this feedback and can maybe try to find additional options for families to do for a few hours away from the parks that does not include drinking or alcohol.

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