Disney Awards trivia from yesterday


This mouse GOT her next cruise
Mar 23, 2000
Anyone else think the answer of wild pigs is wrong? According to Disney A-Z the answer should be wolf.
I bought my copy about 2 years ago at Value City when they had a big shipment of Disney merchandise. I only paid $13.88 for it (it was 60% off). I didn't know it was out of print. Maybe you can get a copy from Amazon or check ebay (I think I saw some on there once).

I'm glad I am not the only one who thought I was seeing wrong. Though I have to admit I went by the book and really don't know if they changed it to "pigs" for the Disney movie!
I throught it was a bob cat.. but yes I remmeber the mother calling out "a Wolf a wolf.. travis get the gun" ..so it was a wolf.. if it was a wild hog it would have killed the boy too, as he got hog cut..and the boy told his mother that he got a good look at the hog and that they were fine.. but when the wolf jump out at the mother ..she told the boy " that no animal in his right mind would have jump out at them so close to the fire.." and she said that it was "bad for old yeller.. " and also she " said to build a fire to burn it so it wouldnt spread the disease " so she had him lock up for about 30 days.. I think.. so yes I think they were wrong.. but all this time I throught it was bob cat.. Ha Ha.. it was a wolf..
This is the exact quote from Disney A-Z.

"He proves his loyalty by saving Arliss from a huge bear, Travis from wild pigs and Mrs. Coates from a wolf infected with hydrophobia."

I haven't seen the movie since I was a kid so before answering, I did a search. On EVERY search , the answer was WOLF.

If you look at how many people apparently got the answer right, you will notice that it was only a couple, usually most people get it right. Something definitely wrong there!


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