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Feb 17, 2000
With the growing popularity of Disney Cruises we are excited to see so many new posters here on the cruise forums. To help both new and "not so new" posters we would like to remind everyone of some board basics.

The Golden Rules of Board Posting

Follow the Board Guidelines To keep the boards a friendly, fun and informative place there are some basic guidelines that need to be followed (and which you agreed to when you signed up). These include but are not limited to: No For Sale Posts, No Profanity, No Fighting, No Personal Messages, and No Advertising. Posts that do not adhere to these guidelines may be deleted. Repeated offenses could cost the poster use of their posting privileges.

Make sure your signature is in spec. DISboard Signature Guidelines Like the board guidelines above the signature guidelines have been put in place to allow individual expression while not slowing up the boards too much. Also as noted by Caskbill

While we send out notices to those users who have signatures that do not meet guidelines, this is time consuming for the moderators and Tech Support volunteers on these boards. In some cases when a user does not correct a signature, it is necessary for us to delete their signature entirely. This can be unfortunate if someone has put a lot of effort into creating their signature.

If you have any questions about clipart, timers, avatars the best place to go is the Tech board, and the folks there will be most happy to help you.

Search will help you look for an answer to many of your questions. It is always a good idea to try search first as chances are your question has been asked before. Of course if search isn't working or you don't find an answer then by all means post your question. We just might all learn something from it!

Treat your fellow posters with respect. We all have our own opinions and all opinions are welcome as long as they are posted in a respectful manner. It is also helpful to read an entire thread before posting. What might have been a heated discussion on the first couple of pages might have been resolved later on and just posting to the original post just frustrates the other posters. Remember that what is right for one poster and their situation might not be right for others.

Stay on topic. Often as part of the cruise planning experience you might have questions on other things like WDW, transportation, or photography. There are separate boards set up on the DIS for all those topics and you will get your best answers on those boards. At times a post may be moved from the cruise forums to one of these other boards with a redirect so that you can find your post.

Some Other Helpful Links For Board Use

What is a DH? What does IMHO mean? Discussion board Abbreviations here you will find a very helpful list of all the abbreviations you may encounter while reading and posting :)

I have a picture I want to post but need a place to store it. As a registered member of the DIS you have some space to store your pictures. You can also browse others galleries and rate and leave messages for the photographers.DIS Photo Gallery

Why do people wear lime green ribbons or buttons? Lime green has become the "official" color of the DIS. Many times DISers wear lime green ribbons so that other DISers can recognize them. The DISers who originated the idea, did so to make sure it was an unusal color that would stand out. It's a way to get to meet other DISers.

What are tag fairies (or who put those colorful messages under my name)? Tag Fairies are magical beings who visit the boards, and grace people with tags under their usernames. You never know when they are going to strike, or where....you just have to believe. BTW - the tag fairy does not like to see people begging for a tag. Just have fun on the boards and be surprised when it happens.
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