Dining reviews - part one

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    Here’s where we ate, most morning we ate at the POR food court, it was convenient, and we aren’t big breakfast eaters. Kids had the norm.. either cereal or pancakes, DH had bagel sandwich most mornings, and I had either fruit or a cinnamon roll.

    2/27 – arrived today.. ate dinner at Electric Umbrella at Epcot – nothing wonderful… kids & I split 2 orders of chicken fingers, DH had the cheeseburger.

    2/28 – Animal Kingdom – had lunch at the BBQ place (name slips my mind at the moment) – got the lunch vouchers – worked out well, not sure what the kids had, I had the grilled chicken and DH had the BBQ beef sandwich, very tasty, and the coupons for the drink and ice creams later in the day came in handy.

    2/28 – Dinner at Crystal Palace – great choice of food, nice interaction with the characters. We were ready to leave after 1 hour and still hadn’t seen Tigger, spoke to the CM who got the manager, and Tigger was brought right over to us. Kids had a great time!

    2/29 – lunch at Electric Umbrella before the hop to WOS. The kids and I split 2 orders of chicken fingers, DH was already at cheering.

    2/29 – Dinner at POR, haven’t a clue what anyone ate.

    3/1 – MGM – My birthday – lunch at Backlot Express – kids had hot dogs, Dh a burger, and I had the grilled chicken salad. Salad was a nice change from chicken strips!

    Dinner – H&V with Fantasmic Package. A lot of the same stuff as Crystal Palace, just different versions. Both had Salmon, just made differently, chicken, etc. Food was good. DH had called ahead, so they had a cupcake for me and sang happy birthday. For us the package was worth it not to have to wait in line. DH spoke to a CM who said the arena hold 7,000 people and they we expecting about 6,000 that night!

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