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    My daughter was accepted to the disney college program. I will be taking her down. I will be there just a couple days, and she will be busy most of the time. I was thinking of getting the dining plan just for myself, due to the fact she won't always be with me.
    My question is ...lets say we go to a quickservice meal will they let me use 2 off of mine to pay for hers??
    I check in on a sunday and check out on a wednesday, so there would be a few wasted meals anyway. It could work out if they let us do that.
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    According to Disney's written rules, you can't use the DDP to buy meals for her if she is not on the DDP. The plan brochures state specifically that meals cannot be redeemed for persons who are not on your room reservation.

    This is assuming that she will not be on your room reservation. If she is, you have to get the dining plan for her, too, and for the full length of the reservation. There is no way to get the dining plan for some guests in a room and not for others. If she is on your room then yes you can buy two meals at restaurants and pay with DDP.

    The cashiers are supposed to limit you to ordering one meal at a time if you have one adult on the DDP.

    As it is the DIS Restaurant Board's policy to not discuss ways of getting around Disney's rules, I'm not going to say anything more. If you're only going to be there a short time and won't use all your credits, the best course of action is to go without the dining plan.

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