Did you make your resevations for the HRH directly?


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Aug 17, 1999
I am going to be arranging a few nights at the HRH in July. Should I go directly through the hotel or can I use AAA? I would appreciate some voices of experience here. Thanks! :D

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I did mine through Expedia because it was the cheapest rate I could find. I did call the hotel directly though to see if I could get the entertainment book rate or use a Loews coupon that I found online. I'm not sure about AAA, but you could call the hotel and ask them. The lady I talked to was very helpful (except for the fact that she wouldn't give me a lower rate :) ).
We booked four nights at HRH online through travelocity.com The total with tax is $668. I don't think AAA gives much discount, we tried that. I think the best rates are Expedia or travelocity. good luck
I booked mine on www.travelnow.com for May @$139.00/night.

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Per adivce of others on this board, called the hotel directly and asked for the entertainment book rate. Got the pool view at $129 for december. I was then pondering where/how to get an entertainment book when my husband was offered one for free if he filled out a survey for the local newspaper. Needless to say, he did the survey and the newspaper dropped the book of this week!

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I called the HRH directly last week and was able to book for the entertainment card rate of 117.50 for August 21 & 22.

We were lucky they had rooms available at the entertainment rate!

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Called HRH directly for 9/13-9/18. I was told there were no garden rooms for $117 available but could have a pool room for $129. I told them I would really like a garden room because the pool view would be a temptation for grandboys. They would rather spend all of their time in the pool. Voile', all of a sudden they had a garden room available. Hmmm
I called the hotel directly and was told that they had no entertainment rates for my dates and were completely sold out. I was switched to the Portofino where I was quoted a rate so outrageous I hung up.

I then checked out www.hoteldiscounts.com through a link on this board and got my dates for $139 a night.

Wow, I just checked and they're up to $179 a night for my dates!


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Be aware that if you plan to use your Entertainment book for a December stay you will need the 2002 book. My 2001 Entertainment Book card has an expiration date of November 30, 2001.

I booked directly with the HRH. I am happy to say that I was able to get the Entertainment rate ($129 pool view) for my dates (end of June). Until I started reading these boards (and learned that I could use my Entertainment Book), I booked our HRH reservations through hotelkingdom.com. The rate they gave me was $179 for a poolview room.
It all depends on when you are going. I tried to get Easter res. this year and HRH was completely sold out. Someone on this board recommended Travelscape.com and I got the club rooms at $259 per room, pricey but cheaper than club rooms go for thru the hotel. I just booked August and I got an entertainment rate of $117 thru the hotel. Keep looking around and you should be able to find a great rate.


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