Did we get the wrong information?

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    Aug 12, 2012
    My fiancee contacted disney regarding various questions. I'm doubtful of the answers.

    1) Mini wishes is gone. They told her they are no longer offering this option

    2) In park bridal shoot would not count towards minimums

    3) You are able to switch between Wishes and Escape package as necessary. I thought you could upgrade to Wishes but not downgrade.

    4) Best place for pricing is online? We want a more precise pricing in order to determine how to meet minimums etc...

    Feel like we should have asked for a planner/coordinator.
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    Aug 24, 2006
    Yeah, you definitely don't want to ask these types of questions from the operators who answer the general line at DFTW. They're about as reliable as WDW bus drivers when it comes to policy and pricing information. It's best to wait until you're assigned a sales consultant.

    That said, some of this stuff is correct....

    1) Disney quietly discontinued the Wishes Catered Event pricing structure last week. If it's true that they're now doing 4,000 weddings per year around the globe, that means the number held at WDW has at least doubled, so they no longer have any incentive to offer discounts. The same thing happened to DFTW's recession-era discounts when the economy bounced back.

    2) In-park bridal portrait sessions only count toward your enhancement minimum if Disney Fine Art Photography is also shooting your wedding.

    3) You can upgrade or downgrade, but if you downgrade from Wishes to Escape, you lose your hefty Wishes deposit. So it is not recommended to downgrade, only upgrade.

    4) If they mean the official DFTW website, LOL at that one! Your best bets for specific pricing are other couples' BEOs (Banquet Event Order - the bible of your wedding day) and Price Lists, which can be found in the various online forums and Facebook groups, and of course the PassPorter. One of the reasons I have to update it multiple times per year is tracking all those pricing changes. I want couples to be able to plug specific prices for the elements they want into the self-calculating budget in the back so that they can see exactly how much a DFTW will cost, including tax and service charge, and which costs apply to each of the minimums.
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    Just wanted to chime in and say, I had several of these questions in mind, and once again Carrie you came through! Thank you for always having up to date information and for being so honest about everything! :thanks: :stitch2:
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