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Feb 17, 2000
Who can I talk to about my deposit or paying the balance off? I got an email about a deposit and sent it in last week, but who can I call and talk to?

Sorry, I don't know. I think you can e-mail Linda at her Dreams address and/or the address on the registration form. The only way I knew that my check was received is when I called the bank to see if it had cleared....and it had. :) :) :)

I have payment questions on another thread as well, and I think Pete was waiting 'to go to contract' before he e-mailed us to 'firm up our reservations'...Robinrs just told me on another thread that Pete is on vacation, so I think we'll have to 'hold tight' for a while. ;)

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I had the same concerns. I just e-mailed Linda and she checked for me.

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HI :) Please email me at linda@dreamsunlimitedtravel.com if you have any questions, I have also started to verify each reservation for those that booked the room/convention package so you should be hearing from me this week sometime if you have not already... Pete will be mailing out confirmation statements to everyone that booked a resort/convention package in a couple weeks. Those that booked the event only package will receive a confirmation statement via email.

Make sure you include your first and last name if you email me with any questions.



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