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Mar 27, 2001
I have res. at FW in June that I made back in Aug. (This was before I found this fantastic site with all this info.) I got a preferred site for $64.00 (plus tax) for our motorhome, 3 guests. I never even asked about discounts or anything! I have since joined MKC and intend on buying an AP before we go. Can I do better? if so, how do I do it? Is it too late? Thanks - I'm learning so much from everyone, my brain is on overflow right now.
All you have to do is call and give them your reservation number and ask for the AP rate. I understand it is not always available on all sites, so try the other available discounts as well. The opinion on this board seems to be to first get the ressie and then call back for discounts. The AP rates only come out a couple of months in advance of your arrival month. There dosen't seem to be a true time (ie always 6 weeks before or two months) I just made ressies for Aug and they said to try back sometime in May for the AP discount. I also made ressie for November and they said to call back in "SUMMER" for that AP rate. Do be persistant though because when we went in Jan our rate for a preferrd loop came out to about 33/noc. Big drop from 47/noc, and it only took 2 50 cent phone calls!! Good luck!!
Hi bunnytwoseven,

Yes I think you can do better. If you are in
the disney club, I would first call and see
if they have a discount for your dates. We went
May 26 thru June 4 last year and got a DC(mkc)
rate of $54.00 plus tax for a preferred site for
the first 3 days (Memorial day weekend). For
the rest of our stay I was able to get an AP
rate of $47.73 tax included. This will
give you an idea of what is possible. Good luck.

You should never pay $64 for a site at FW! There are so many discounts available. AP's are one good way, but the discounts are getting harder to get, as they only offer a limited amount of them. I made my next ressie using my AAA card. It was the same discount rate as DC (which I also have), but DC discounts were already taken. As for the AP discounts, when I have used them in the past (and that has been for 5 out of the last 7 years), I have had to make frequent calls to CRO to get the discounted rate for ALL of my days. Usually, you will have to break your reservation into 2-3 reservations at different rates. FYI ..... my next trip is for 12 days in October and I got a rate of $34.63 (that is with tax, title and destination included) for all 12 nights! I NEVER pay more than that ..... unless it is the week of Christmas (and even that I can work).

Preferred and full hook-up are the same thing. I think you are referring to the premium sites (100-500) which have cable. The price quoted to me is for preferred/full hook-up. There is a great discount rate starting in August, though. Am hearing about $30 rates for preferred and $37 for premium ..... can't beat it!
okay Bianca, need your help and experience!! I was under the impression that the preferred loops were 100-200-300 and 1400( which is where we stayed in Jan and where we have ressies for Aug and Nov) I thought that preffered was more expensive due to location and cable. I thought full hook up was everything but the prime location loops (determined by Disney) and cable.

How and where did you hear about the 30/noc prices?? Do I just call general ressies, or Ft. wilderness directly?? We have annual passes, do we need something else?? Love any help!!

Full hook up sites have water, sewer and electricity,

Preferred sites have all of the above AND cable and are located in Prime locations mainly around the marina end of the Resort.

i have never heard of a "premium" site but I could be wrong. The three catagories I know of are partial hook up sites, full hook up site and preferred sites.

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All I can tell you is that I got a Full hookup in Nov. for 6 nights for 35/night. I called the club number and asked for the rack rates. Supply is very limited for any type of discount you use(AP, dis. club).

Partial-water, eletric
Full-water, eletric, sewer
Prefered-water, eletric, sewer, cable

Can't wait.
Call them what you want ..... in the old days 100-500 were called the premium sites. 100-500 cost more than the rest of the loops, as they have cable hook-up. They are also much smaller sites than the rest of the campground. If you are looking for discount info, ....... ask for Value Newspaper April/May Fall Rates Code starting August 5.
I will be making reservations for next February in the next few days. We are staying in the campgound in our new camper. we have never camped before either. I would want full hook up and stuff like that. What are AP discounts?
any info. would be great.
Hi! You'll love FW! AP rates means Annual Pass discounts--sometimes they are available and you have to have an Annual Pass to use this discount. E-mail me if you have any questions about FW--I love to talk about it!

Barbara :)


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