Did I make the right choices for resorts??

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  1. sarahg311@hotmail.co

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    Feb 6, 2005
    I really wanted the AP rate for WL but all the standard rooms were booked for my travel dates. The only way I could get anything was to do a split stay so I decided on POR (waterview) and AKL (standard Savannah). The reason I chose these was because of the beds. I have two boys who would die if they had to (GASP!!) share a bed!! :sad2: POR has trundle beds and AKL has bunkbeds. Are these good choices?? Any other suggestions??

    Sarah :flower:
  2. Scoootch

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    Oct 10, 2002
    I'd say they're good choices ...just remember though, that they won't guarantee the bunkbeds from what I understand. Make sure it's requested and hope for the best. The only other options really would be to upgrade to a deluxe so that you'd have 2 beds plus a daybed but that doesn't sound like an option (I assume you're looking to keep costs down) so I think you've done what you can so far. Just keep your fingers crossed for the pixie dust on getting your requests. Oh, and if at all possible, check in early! It seems the earlier you check in, the better your chance may be at getting the room with your requests met. If a room with the bunkbeds isn't ready in the morning when you check in, you can always ask if you can wait until later in the afternoon for your room if one will be becoming available that day;)

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