DHS morning without FP+?


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Dec 14, 2009
We've had a death in the extended family and instead of leaving this Friday morning, I'll only be able to drive a few hours, then drive the other 9 hours Saturday. Saturday was going to be our DHS afternoon after arriving mid-day and now I can't get FP+ for the Frozen Sing-a-long or TSMM on the same day. Would it be possible to go this Sunday and ride TSMM, see the Frozen show and ride Star Tours for the older kids without FP+? My kids are early risers so we can be there before RD, what time should we arrive to dash for TSMM?
Yes, head first to TSMM. Then Star Tours. Then you should be able to make the earliest Frozen show (10:25).
my husband just did this the beginning of March, also another day we were in MGM and I kept playing with the MDE app and Toy Story popped up as available, just keep checking.

Sorry to hear about the situation that is causing you to alter your plans.

DHS opens at 8 AM on Sunday (please confirm that), so I would suggest getting there by 7:15 and not later than 7:30. They often/usually open the gates at DHS 10-15 minutes before the official time and if you are among the first few hundred people in you will be able to walk (quickly and purposefully) to TSMM and get on and off pretty quickly. If you went right from there to Star Tours that would also be a walk on and you would be done there by not much after 8:30. So, yes you should have much more than enough time to do those 2 things and get to the first Frozen show of the day. If there is anything else you would like to do there (RNRC or TOT) you could probably do at least one of those without a long wait if you go right there from TSMM.


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