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    Aug 12, 2018
    I've got a few questions about the Dessert Party options!
    Ideally I will be having a wishes wedding (Japan Pavilion/GM Lounge) early next December and DEFINITELY want to have a dessert party! The menus look AMAZING, and frankly the more experiences I can add in for my friends and family the better! (hello, they're all traveling across the country to celebrate us, i want to treat them!):p
    I think it would be super cool to do it as a welcome/rehearsal event instead of at the end of the day on the big day, but basically my main question is:
    DOES IT COUNT TOWARDS MY FOOD/BEV MIN. OR IS IT SEPARATE?? i've been searching everywhere and i cannot find a definitive answer to this.
    Also other questions- would it be easier/cheaper planning wise to do a dessert party at GF instead of Epcot just because i assume you wouldn't need transportation for the hotel instead?:car:
    is alcohol an option?

    any/all input is So appreciated !:dogdance:
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    Dec 5, 2017
    It unfortunately does not count towards your food and beverage minimum for you reception (providing you have it on the same night). The dessert party locations have their own venue fees and their own food and beverage minimums. Alcohol is always an option!! And you could do, within limits, anything you want to do for your alcohol. We are doing bill on consumption champagne for instance and that is all. With transportation you need to remember that your guests would need to get to wherever you are having your events no matter where they are. For the most part, it is up to you if you provide transportation for them or not. (Sometimes it is required by Disney and other times it isn't.) If everyone will be staying at the GF then a GF dessert party would be easy for your guests to travel to since they are already there. (Carrie, correct me if I am wrong,) but if you do a dessert party at EPCOT NOT immediately following your reception you have the option for your guests to meet at the front of the park and will be escorted to your location together. They would just need to get themselves to EPCOT however they see fit. So you do not have to provide transportation. We are having a welcome party at Animal Kingdom and that is how it is working for us. I believe an E DP would function the same. Hope this all made sense!!
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    Aug 24, 2006
    The only way to have a fireworks viewing party that counts toward your DFTW minimum expenditures is to do it as your reception. But that then has its own set of challenges, like needing to move your ceremony later or to have some kind of post-ceremony brunch to tide everyone over. Also, at outdoor park locations, you wouldn't be able to have characters or amplified entertainment until a few hours after the park closed. One popular alternative is to use IllumiNations as a cocktail hour before a reception at American Adventure Rotunda, Great Hall of China or another indoor Epcot location, since that would allow you to have characters and amplified entertainment.
  4. aristocatz

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    Feb 22, 2009
    I just want to add that the Illuminations Dessert Party is worth EVERY penny! We had a Swan wedding, so we paid separately for the Illuminations DP through Disney. We hosted it for our guests the night before our wedding ceremony & it was perfect! 7 years ago and our guests still talk about it!

    Do it-you won't regret it!!But be sure to book it ASAP-the good venues book up quickly!
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